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"Mike Tyson dropped me. and when I looked up, the count was on five. I said to myself, Damn, whatever happened to one to four."

~ Buster Mathis Jr. after his bout with Mike Tyson

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Mike Tyson News: Tyson-McBride Post-Fight Quotes

Posted on Sunday, June 12, 2005 @ 11:44:58 UTC by tysonian

Source: fightnews
June 12, 2005

By Julian Burgower and "Priceless" Steve Price
Photos: Ed Mulholland

Clichés are abundant in the vocabulary of boxing enthusiasts. One of the most repeated is that the punch is the last thing to go when referring to an aging fighter. Former undisputed heavyweight champion Mike Tyson has learned that there in nowhere to turn after the punch has left the building as well. 15,432 fans learned as well.

At the post-fight press conference at the MCI Center in Washington DC last night Tyson talked about his inability to halt a fighter that has been the victim of four knockout losses in a career that had been built on second rate opposition.

Im not trying to take anything away from Kevin McBride. We know his record; we know his credentials. But if I cant beat him, I cant even beat Jill or Joe.? Tyson used that reasoning when he announced that the TKO loss to McBride was his last fight, citing that he doesnt have the burning fire inside him anymore for the sport he once ruled with an iron fist. I just dont have this in my gut anymore,? admitted a once-again humbled Tyson. Tyson continued that he would not fight anymore as to not disrespect the sport of boxing. Tyson apparently did not think about disrespecting the sport in the final round when he admittedly twice attempted to break McBrides arm in clinches and blatantly delivered a head butt that opened up a cut to the Irishmans eye. I was desperate; I wanted to win!?

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Although Tyson is still heavily indebted to the government after his recent bankruptcy settlement, he stated that he is planning to travel abroad to pursue missionary work to better himself as a person. If I get some money Ill pay them. If I dont have it I wont pay. If I get some money Ill pay these guys.?

Tyson admitted that his career had been essentially over since 1990, when he lost to Buster Douglas in one of the biggest upsets in heavyweight boxing history. You guys define me as a fighter. You know, I look at my fans and they dont love me. They dont know me well enough to love-.they love what I do. Im a professional- they come to be entertained. Im an entertainer. They wont let me into their house; they wont let me marry or go out with their daughters. I entertain them.? Tyson has entertained us all for many years. Some for the fighter he was, some for the fighter or entertainer he had become.

Kevin McBride, who improved to 33-4 (28), was very respectful to Tyson in the press conference, calling him one of the greatest fighters off all time. He (Tyson) hits as hard as anyone Ive been hit by so far,? disclosed the 'The Clones Colossus.'

Im an Irish warrior. I proved that tonight. Im not the fastest guy in the world, but Ive got a big heart. Im not Muhammad Ali, but Im Kevin McBride.? McBride continued in declaring his goal to be the first Irish-born heavyweight champion of the world, calling out John Ruiz, Vilali Klitschko and Hasim Rahman. McBride disclosed that much to the disbelief of many, he had commissioned a hypnotist to assist in his preparations. I heard that they are supposed to make you quack like a duck and bark like a dog.? He fought like a warrior. Talk the talk and you have to walk the walk and I walked the walk- thank God!?

Laila Ali, still undefeated and still adorned with a plethora of championship belts after knocking out challenger Erin Toughill, spoke of what the future holds for her after the third round stoppage. The two girls I want to fight are Leatitia Robinson and Ann Wolfe. Wolfe, because shes a strong girl; she had a good record, shes been talking a lot of noise and he public wants to see me fight her.?

Weighing several options, her husband and manager Yahya McClain said they would be going overseas to fight.

Lucia Rijker is out of the question. Women come in all sizes just like men. So, Im not interested in fighting any more small women. I did it once with Christy Martin. She begged for the fight, shed been asking for it for a year and a half?I didnt get much out of it. She was too small. She shouldnt have been in there with me in the first place. Im not going to go down in history for fighting these little women. You see what I did to that girl (Toughill)? Shes my size.?

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