Tyson: ''I'll be back in Rumania!''


Published: September 1, 2005

Source: gazetasporturilor

27 august 2005

Many thanks to Madalin Radu for translating!

The former heavyweight champion spent the Thursday to Friday night in
Rumania as well, always smiling, always ready to dance and laugh.
Thursday evening, at about 19.00, Tyson had Radu Mazare as guest, the
mayor of Constanta, accompanied by his son. Mazare brought the boxer a
bottle of old white wine, a map of the city and other small souvenirs.
The two spent more than an hour on board of the Summerwind yacht, where
they had dinner. When leaving, the mayor said Tyson would return to
Romania, as there are so many beautiful women here.

Then Iron Mike and the mayor left the ship and headed for the Mamaia
resort. Surrounded by an entire army of women, they went to the New
Orient bar, where a preselection for the Local Kombat show was taking
place. At first, the American superstar seemed little interested in
what was going on in the ring and preferred to dance on hip-hop music
and calmly eat peanuts. Then he asked how many rounds a match had and
explained the fighters that they didn’t know how to use their arms.

Tyson spent more than 2 hours on his yacht with the mayor
of Constanta, Radu Mazare, who also brought his son along.

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At 1.00 o’clock in the morning, Tyson and his followers left for the
Neptun resort, where they partied in the Kremlin club. IN the morning

they went back to the ship, where the partied went on for some hours.
After another night to be remembered, they slep until 12.00 yesterday.
At about 14.30, Iron Mike embarked on a boat and went to the beach.

“I only love myself!”

Regarding the large number of women that have literally assaulted
Mike’s boat during the last days, one of the boxer’s close friends said
that the women were not necessarily brought for Mike. The explanation
came: “He likes to be surrounded by beautiful women, to dance with
them, he doesn’t necessarily wanna sleep with them.” When asked if he
was indeed in love with a Rumanian girl, Mike said: “I only love

Bruce Willis keeps calling him

Although Tyson would have liked to stay longer, he was to lift the
anchor at 23.00 last night. The former world champion was awaited in Odessa
by his close friend, the famous actor Bruce Willis, the star of
“The Fifth Element” and “Die Hard”. Seeing that Tyson didn’t show up at
the meeting point in time, Willis lost his patience and started calling
Tyson more and more often.

Fighting lessons

Yesterday, on the beach before the New Orient club, Tyson replaced the
company of the girls with that of the K1 fighters (for promotion reasons). Inside the club, he
taught them boxing lessons. “Never draw your head backwards!”, Tyson
advised them. At a certain point, the boxer tried to teach one of the
fighters a combination, but he eventually hit the latter. Attending the
young sportsmen training sessions, Mike kept biting a towel.

Radu Teodor, one of the organizers of the Local Kombat boxing show which Tyson attended, revealed, prior to discussions with the ex boxer, some of the less known aspects of his life.

When he goes to a new place, he’d rather hang around with people “of his kind”, as the boxer said, than with official representatives.

In Mamaia (a seaside resort in Rumania) he only ate at New Orient, just because he is Muslim as one of the owners of the restaurant and he trusted the food.

He doesn’t drink alcohol at all, again because of his religion.

From religious reasons, he doesn’t allow women to touch his bare chest with the hand.

He is not interested in K1 fights.

He learned Rumanian: a girl talked to him in English on the beach and he answered “Multumesc, multumesc!” (Thanks, thanks!)”

This is the way Tyson likes it: always surrounded by beauutiful women

Tyson’s group was always cheerful, although some of the
followers admitted it was quite hard to keep up with Tyson’s