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"On Mikes progress in the short time: 'The boy can do everything a champion is required to do, and if he does everything that hes capable of doing, I tell you he may go down as one of the greatest fighters of all time as a professional my judgment of a fighter are detached. I never allow my personal feelings to get involved, no matter how much affection I may have for him, and I can honestly say I have a very deep affection for him, and an admiration, having watched him come from where he was to what he is, because I know what it takes to do what hes done and what hes doing. I feel I was a part of it. Its almost like watching yourself. You never know how much you contributed to it, but the result is there and you like to think you had something to do with it."

~ Cus D'Amato

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Mike Tyson News: WBC Chief Sulaiman speaks about Tyson: ''Dont count Tyson out!''

Posted on Wednesday, March 31, 2004 @ 08:11:19 UTC by tysonian
Financial problems beset him, he got hammered by Lennox Lewis, but Mike Tyson could be on top of the world again, according to World Boxing Council President Jose Sulaiman, but only if he believes in himself.

Its been more than a year since Tyson flattened Clifford Etienne in less time than it takes to work up a bead or perspiration, in Memphis Tennessee, and so his level of actual inactivity has been considerable, really post dating his eight round knockout loss to Lennox Lewis in the same city on October 13th 2002.

But Don Jose reveals that Mike Tyson wants to have three or four more fights- two to get back in fighting shape and then a couple more for big bucks. And when asked if Tyson could win the world title again he replied:

Possibly he could, because you can not ever discount such a puncher that this guy is. Mike Tyson is not the young Mike Tyson that we knew. I dont think the Mike Tyson of today has the willpower, and the thirst and hunger that he possessed in his prime. At that time, there was absolutely nobody, nobody who could beat him.

But still, if he would give himself thoroughly to training and get back to himself he could fight anybody still. He needs to have his confidence back.?

Don Jose also observed that although Mike Tyson remains a controversial figure for many people, hes also very popular and that when he recently came to Mexico: He stole the show.?

Roy Jones Jr, whos due to fight Antonio Tarver in a much anticipated re-match at light heavyweight, still hankers for a big pay day bout against Mike Tyson, although nothing has been agreed. But Don Jose says that it would be far from an ideal match. He said:

I think it would only be for the money, because Roy Jones Jr is not really a heavyweight. Lets say both Tyson and Jones trained to their best capacity, Tyson is still a power and it would be a difficult fight for Roy. There is a lot of difference between Mike Tyson and John Ruiz. John does not have the power that Mike has, by far. For me a bout between Roy Jones and Mike Tyson, would be like a Billy Conn versus Joe Louis type fight. Roy Jones could stay away from Mike and lead him on points. But he would come out in every round and be under the mouth of a volcano.?

Don Jose said that a loss for Roy Jones Jr against Mike Tyson would risk some of his importance in the history of boxing, and quite apart from that, although Mike Tyson is not still at his best: Hes a destruction machine, and if he connects he could knock out Roy Jones.? When asked how Mike Tyson will eventually be remembered, Don Jose shrewdly observed: It depends on who writes history.?

Source: boxingscene

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