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Published: April 14, 2004

‘Iron’ Mike Tyson is set to return to the gym this week to begin
light boxing training to prepare for a possible fight in July.
Currently, Tyson’s trainer, opponent and venue have yet to be
determined. However, it has been decided that Tyson will once again
return to the Central Boxing Club in Phoenix Arizona – formally the
legendary Madison Boxing Gym. Previously, Tyson made his initial
preparations at the gym for his fights against Francois Botha and
Lennox Lewis.

Central Boxing Club co-owner, Harwood Hamilton told Fightnews: “Mike is
a great guy! He’s very laid back and composed, and it’s always nice to
have him back here at our gym.”

As one of the oldest gyms in Phoenix, with a fabled and rich history of
world class fighters, the former owners of Madison Boxing Gym
experienced financial difficulties after 15 years in business and were
forced to sell their stake in the gym. In February 2003, Hamilton and
Hank Zanzucchi became the new proprietors and invested over $250,000 in
an extensive renovation that lasted for seven months.

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Hamiltion, states: “I read the article that Fightnews wrote on
Gleason’s. I saw what Bruce Silverglade (Gleason’s owner) was doing up
there in New York in respect to his amateur program and white collar
members. I thought ‘Hey, this could work in Phoenix.’ Since our gym is
already a champion magnet, now we just have to build up our amateur and
white collar programs. Eventually, we’re looking to become the
Gleason’s of the West.”

‘Champion magnet’ indeed. Such notables who have trained there include:
Lennox Lewis, Floyd Mayweather Jr., Michael Carbajal (who got his start
at the gym), Julio Cesar Chavez, Louie Espinoza (Phoenix’s first native
born champion) Antonio Margarito, Jorge Paez, Oscar de la Hoya and of
course… Tyson and many others.

While the 37 year old Tyson has secured Central Boxing Club for his own
private training this month, it’s encouraging for Tyson fans to know
that the former two-time heavyweight champ is back in the gym and
looking to make a return to the ring.

In a previous interview with Fightnews, Tyson’s former trainer, Kevin
Rooney stated: “Mike still has punching power and when you have power,
you’re always dangerous. The heavyweight division is wide open for
Mike. He just has to take his training seriously.”

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