Mike Tyson Again Denies Porn Rumors


Published: August 12, 2005

Source: boxingscene

By Rick Reeno

undisputed heavyweight champion Mike Tyson, has furiously denied any
intention of getting involved in the porn industry. Tyson, in separate
interviews with Contact Music and MTV, said that he is embarking on an
acting career which does not include any form of pornography.

Iron Mike and his spokesman went on the record and said that he is
going to be involved in several upcoming films, but none of them will
be X-rated.

Porn diva Jenna Jameson has said that her people
tried to approach Tyson regarding a possible stint in porn, what she
intentionally? left out is that her people were unsuccessful in their
efforts. Insiders have said that Jenna is helping fuel the Tyson porn
rumors in an effort to entice consumers to try her new wireless service
that provides adult content to mobile phones and wireless devices.

and her company cant seem to get their stories straight either.
Earlier in the week, ClubJenna spokesperson Ellie Reeve denied any
involvement between Jameson and Mike Tyson. We dont usually comment
on rumors, but no: That is not going to happen. I dont know how these
things get started.? said Reeve