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"Yeah, about a year ago. I was hit by a truck."

~ Eddie Richardson, after being knocked out by Tyson, was asked if hes ever been hit as hard as Mike hit him

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Kevin McBride News: McBride says he will beat Tyson

Posted on Thursday, June 09, 2005 @ 12:50:30 UTC by tricks
source: sports.yahoo.com

WASHINGTON (Ticker) - Kevin McBride intends to become boxing's latest "Cinderella Man" by beating former world heavyweight champion Mike Tyson on Saturday.

The Irishman will take heart from the movie about James J. Braddock which opened in theaters across the United States last week. It tells the story of how Braddock, the son of Irish immigrants, rose above journeyman status to beat Max Baer and become heavyweight champion.

The 6-foot-6 McBride, who has been dubbed as the "Clones Colossus," believes he will go on to emulate Braddock at the MCI Center on Saturday."Once I beat Tyson I'm going to shock the world. I'm going to be a contender instead of a pretender," McBride said. "My ultimate dream is to be undisputed heavyweight champion in the world and to beat Mike Tyson, the greatest heavyweight of his era."

"I'm going to take the fight to him and knock him out. When I hit Mike Tyson, he's going to think the whole of Ireland has hit him on the chin."

The 32-year-old McBride was slated to fight Tyson last year before Britain's Danny Williams accepted the fight for less money.

Tyson has not fought since his shocking four-round knockout loss to Williams in Louisville, and plans to use McBride to launch yet another comeback.

But McBride intends to spoil Tyson's plans.

"I've got 27 knockouts and I see myself as a bigger, stronger man than Danny Williams," McBride said.

Williams laughed off McBride's chances of emulating his famous win.

"McBride doesn't have any chance at all," Williams said. "It is a mismatch and it will be over very quickly."

McBride"s 32-4-1 record is padded with patsies and includes a shocking third-round stoppage loss to journeyman Michael Murray in 1998. It was Murray's only win in the last 18 fights of his career.

But McBride is confident he can beat Tyson.

"Mike Tyson is a dangerous man, but subconsciously I know I am going to do the job," McBride said. "There are two ways I'm going to come out of the ring. One is with my hands raised, and the other is on a stretcher because I am a warrior."

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