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"On Mikes progress in the short time: 'The boy can do everything a champion is required to do, and if he does everything that hes capable of doing, I tell you he may go down as one of the greatest fighters of all time as a professional my judgment of a fighter are detached. I never allow my personal feelings to get involved, no matter how much affection I may have for him, and I can honestly say I have a very deep affection for him, and an admiration, having watched him come from where he was to what he is, because I know what it takes to do what hes done and what hes doing. I feel I was a part of it. Its almost like watching yourself. You never know how much you contributed to it, but the result is there and you like to think you had something to do with it."

~ Cus D'Amato

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Mike Tyson News: Final Tyson-McBride Press Conference Quotes

Posted on Wednesday, June 08, 2005 @ 18:09:11 UTC by tysonian

Source: usatoday
By Tim Dahlberg

WASHINGTON Longtime boxing promoter Rock Newman stepped up to the microphone late Wednesday morning and asked the crowd in a Howard University ballroom for a press conference to find a seat, because, as he knowingly intoned with a measured degree of solemn suspense, "Mike is on property. Mike Tyson is on property."

On property?

Presumably, Newman meant inside the building, because Tyson entered the room 10 minutes later and made his way to the dais amid hoots of encouragement, admiration and awe from the crowd of several hundred, many of whom were students from this historically black university.

Wearing a light-blue, collared summer shirt, white pants and white shoes, Tyson easily could have been headed for a trendy soiree on Long Island but instead was here to promote Saturday night's heavyweight fight against little-known Kevin McBride at Washington's MCI Center.

Tyson became visibly irritated when one of McBride's people, a slick-haired fellow who grabbed the mike to take a few verbal jabs at the former champion, saying his time had come and long since gone.

"You're going to get Kevin killed," Tyson said with a sneer from his seat. " ... Let him talk, Rock. Let him talk."

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And then, after listening to a promise that McBride definitely would win, Tyson made a promise of his own, that he would "gut him like a fish." Presumably, Tyson meant his opponent and not the mouthy member of McBride's entourage.

For his part, the soft-spoken McBride (32-4-1) was unfailingly polite in his comments about Tyson. The Irishman added the necessary cheeky comments that these promotional vehicles require. Among McBride's revelations: "I'm going to shock the world," "I'm not here to lose," and "I'm a contender, not a pretender."

Many in the crowd hooted derisively at McBride, making their allegiance to Tyson, who turns 39 later this month, clear and loud.

Never mind that he lost his title in a stunning knockout by Buster Douglas in 1990 or that in his most recent fight last summer, he was knocked out in the fourth round by unheralded Danny Williams.

No, when Tyson took his turn at the mike, admiration for him was vocally expressed after nearly every sentence.

He began by repeating his recent talking points, that he's at peace with folks judging him harshly for his rape conviction and subsequent three-year prison stay, his proclivity to bite ears and his many other examples of antisocial behavior.

"But you have to understand this," he said, "people are out here ... because I'm an icon I'm an international star!"

Not so for one of the fighters on the undercard, but her father is, and that's why Laila Ali has much appeal that and a 20-0 record (17 knockouts) and multiple championship belts. Muhammad Ali's daughter faces Erin Toughill (6-1-1) out of Huntington Beach, Calif. Toughill politely vowed she would surprise most observers this weekend and added, as a stone-faced Laila Ali observed, that her thrill wasn't so much based on facing Ali as it was being on the same bill as Tyson.

Ali later told Toughill she would "break her (behind) off and hand it to her."

Source: fightnews

In June of 1988, Mike Tyson hit the apex of his career. Kid Dynamite,? Iron Mike,? and The Baddest Man On The Planet? all rolled up into one. Michael Spinks never fought again. Everyone and anyone who follows boxing knows the history- 91 seconds.

Rock Newman knows the history. He was in the Spinks camp and saw the fistic prowess that the undisputed heavyweight champion displayed. He saw it then, and believes he sees it now- almost 17 years later. In perhaps what was one of his most extraordinarily spectacular performances, Mike Tyson conducted himself the same way in 1988 that he is conducting himself now. With a sense of purpose, with a sense of maturity, with a sense of focus and being on a mission,? exclaimed the always vibrant Newman to the overflowing Blackburn Center Ballroom at Howard University this afternoon.

Mike Tyson knows what he is. He knows who he is. Speaking to the large crowd of fans and media at the final press conference leading up to his June 11th fight with Irishman Kevin McBride, Tyson, 50-5 (44), spoke out about what he truly is. Im an icon. Im an international star.? Nobody can argue with his synopsis. Love him or hate him, everybody knows him.

Tysons opponent, Irelands 1992 super heavyweight Olympic representative, was respectful of Tyson and the opportunity being given to him. I told my father before he passed away that Id love to fight Mike Tyson,? McBride recalled. He said that if you dream about it enough, believe in it enough and train hard enough, it will happen.? McBride guaranteed that he was in the best shape of his life and has never trained harder for a fight. He is also confident in his powerful right hand, likening it to the entire island of Ireland striking out at once.

Tyson referred to McBride as a tomato can and also warned McBrides promoter that he was going to get Kevin killed? and that he was going to gut him like a fish? when he eluded that Tysons time has ended and that it was McBrides turn to shine.

Shelly Finkel, Tysons manager, spoke of McBrides dream of fighting Mike Tyson, noting that he never said that his dream was to beat him.

Also speaking at the press conference was Laila Ali, who is being co-featured on the pay-per-view event at the MCI Center. Exuding the generational Ali confidence, Laila promised a knockout and a dislike for her challenger, Erin Toughill. I dont like this girl. She dont like me. She comes here talking nice today- thats my experience,? Ali commented, saying that her opponents always seem to clam up as fight time approaches.

Toughill, known more for her experience in mixed-martial arts than in boxing, promised that that would change. You may not know me too well, but come June 11th?you will!? She was equally in awe to be fighting on the same card as Mike Tyson as she was to be fighting for a world championship.

Marty Wynn of Raging Promotions maintained what a spectacular event the city of Washington DC had in store. You have got to understand something. There is a lot of money involved in this event. We brought this event and Mike Tyson to DC for the first time ever.? Wynn ran off a list of some of the fighters lined up on the card, This is a draft right here. These people are going to give you an event. I hope you guys enjoy it. Im sure you will.?

Former junior welterweight champion Sharmba Mitchell will be making his welterweight debut when he challenges Chris The Mechanic? Smith for Smiths NABA title. Smith, 19-1-1 (12), said that he is happy to be again fighting in Washington DC, the city in which he won his title in 2002.

Also appearing on the card will be the exciting flyweight contender Hussein Hussein, who is coming off an enthralling stoppage loss against Jorge Arce, and the sure to be future champions, Philadelphias Anthony and Lamont Peterson.

Capital Explosion? is being promoted by Raging Promotions in association with The Stuckey Group and Peake Management Group, Inc. Tickets are priced at $700, $450, $250, $100 and $50 and can be purchased at any Ticketmaster location, www.ticketmaster.com, the MCI Center Box Office or www.mcicenter.com. Tickets are still available. The event will also be aired on Showtime Pay-Per-View at 9:00 PM ET/6:00 PT and carries a suggested retail price of $44.95.

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