Paradise Valley approves Tyson plan for pigeon coop


Published: July 16, 2005

Source: The Arizona Republic

By Diana Balazs

PARADISE VALLEY – Boxer Mike Tyson’s pet pigeons will have a home to roost in in Paradise Valley after all.

Officials have approved plans for a coop to house his birds at his new residence on Mummy Mountain.

“Everything seems to be OK. The town is going to issue a building
permit to finish the project,” said Hamid Arshadi, Paradise Valley’s
building and zoning director.

The permit most likely will be issued Monday, Arshadi said Friday.

In late June, town inspectors halted construction of the backyard coop
after learning that it was being built without the town-required permit.

Representatives for Tyson then filed an application to obtain a
building permit. The detached coop will be about 100 square feet with
the improvements, including air-conditioning, having an estimated value
of $12,000, according to the application.

The town had some technical questions about the coop’s structure and
revised plans were dropped off late this week, Arshadi said.

Tyson plans to house 85 to 100 birds in it.

While the town does not regulate the number of birds a resident can
keep, they must be kept on the property and not pose a public nuisance.

“As long as the birds are maintained in compliance with the animal
control section of the (town) code, then they shouldn’t be any
problem,” Arshadi said.

More quotes available in the extended section of this post (click ‘Read More‘ below). Tyson ran into problems in late June after a concerned
neighbor complained about a small building going up behind the former
heavyweight champions home in the 5500 block of East Morrison Lane. At
the time, a building permit had not been issued by the town and
construction was halted.

Tyson has since been waiting for approval.

“Its just an in-house plan review at the staff level,” said Hamid
Arshadi, town building and zoning director. “For accessory structures
we need to review plans to make sure they meet the minimum setback,
height and structural requirements.”

Arshadi said Paradise Valley has no statutes restricting pigeons
as pets. Codes governing animals in the town mainly deal with the
number of horses a property can support and the manner in which they
are housed.

“Theres nothing in the town code against that type of bird,” Arshadi said.

Tyson declined comment on the issue Thursday after being contacted
at his home. Neighbors near the residence also would not comment.