Mike Tysons Candles are Still Lit


Published: July 2, 2005

Source: saddoboxing

By Shaun Rico LaWhorn

Tysons latest match left me in amazement; I was ready for surprise,
shock and perplexity. Of course, I had no clue that Tyson would leave
his impression on boxing and that his so-called last match would prove
so defining. Tyson is a fighter that can make you watch his fights like
no other, even if he has no chance in
hell of pulling out a win. The man of many comebacks and during his
early career days, he was the fighter, boxer combined with devastating
power, relentless forward progress and movement of the head. People can
try to downplay his accomplishments as mere knockout destruction of
journeymen, past their prime fighters and no name fighters. Regardless,
the man placed a high wave of boxing into the public eye. The public
was yearning for this rescue, and he also placed his mark in the
history books, as being the youngest ever to claim a heavyweight
championship. Unlike certain ringside commentators, I am not going to
determine Tysons past as nothing and only weigh in on his current
downfall as measures on understanding Tysons career. This is not an
article to place you into the sympathy line to support Mike Tyson, even
the fighter himself, refuses to live in that self pity.

came up in the hard environment of Brooklyn, New York, a place where he
could have easily ended up in the penal system way before boxing saved
his life. He always had the urge and timing of a street fighter, he was
fortunate enough to end up being trained by Cus DAmato and from there,
DAmato discovered something inside of this street tough kid. Trainers
have two elements of appreciation for a fighter; one is his belief that
anybody can do it if they apply their heart and determination to it.
The second one would be what Cus witnessed in Mike Tyson, the natural
ability to do it.

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With this inspiring Cus to believe in
Tyson, in turn, Tysons self-esteem became sufficient and he started to
understand the appreciation of compliments and he always wanted to
prove to Cus that he was not going to let down the inspiration he had
in him. During his DAmato days, Tyson was exposed to the whole old
school methods of training; he trained like a boxer, despite his size.
He moved his head like a middleweight, he countered like a lightweight
and his power was everything a heavyweight wanted, the man had cannons
in both hands. The passion he contributed in the ring, when he had to
earn a win was breathtaking. The drive was there, his eyes had a
mission in them, and his pupils had The best ever? in their center.

always believed a part of Tyson died when Cus died and Tysons hunger
went head first into a deep cave of self-destruction. Don Kings
leadership didnt help and only added another storm to the hurricane
Tyson was fighting. The Buster Douglas fight was clearly a moment in
sports history that will remain as one of the biggest upsets. It wasnt
news to know that Tysons once hardcore training methods were
evaporating into all night partying, drug usage, many women and no
strict authority figure to tell him, No, you are better than that.?

of the most profound questions I tout around in my mind is, What
happened to Mike Tyson?? Imagine the potential if Tyson would have
landed in the camp of Emanuel Steward after DAmatos death. Another
option is Mike settling his dispute with Kevin Rooney, a man who knows
Cus training regime extremely well. If he had the guidance and
security of growing and concentrating on fighting, would he have been
in the position to be debated in the top five heavyweights, ever? Of
course, his room on any all time list is falling deeper into the back
room, and many do not even mention his name. It is a buzz in the boxing
world that Tyson is exploring a ring return in the area of fighting
four round bouts. Talk about pushing your legacy into the basement of
laughter and amusement.

I knew from Tysons fight weight
against Kevin McBride that he was not in top condition, nor had he been
training with fire as he used to. Tyson weighed 233-pounds, and yet
Tysons best fighting weight was always under 225. During his somber
press conference, Tyson shared to the world that his gloves were in the
locker for good, but people need to understand that a post-fight press
conference is like a boyfriend, girlfriend argument, the following day,
you dont really feel as lost and your words were light and emotional.
Plus, McBride did not beat Tyson, the brain cells crashed and Tyson
just did not want to be there. Tyson did not receive a boxing beat
down, and these factors will all be a bonus on Tysons decision on the
notion of retiring or returning to a heavyweight division that has a
firecracker pop.

Now, we are at a red light in the boxing
world, where Tyson is on the verge of becoming a stage show. I am
hoping he changes his direction and even though I am not a supporter of
a boxing comeback, Tyson needs to apply some wisdom in wanting to fight
and not wanting to fight. Tyson could do a reality show, another form
of a circus act, or he could share his boxing knowledge with younger
fighters as he has an enormous amount of boxing knowledge. Kevin
Rooney, opened his gym doors to Tyson, the same Catskill gym where
Tyson mastered his skills. George Foreman even had some promotional and
training advice, along with some positive guidance for the man for a
meaningful comeback.

Could Foreman and Rooney combine and
shape Tyson into his former self? Well, the answer is inside of Tysons
harbor of thoughts. I am optimistic in every area when it comes to
Tyson. Yet, in my mind, right next to his legendary knockouts, when he
was in his early twenties, tells me Tyson is going to shut the Foreman
and Rooney resolution down, because he thinks the people who love him,
will allow him freedom to do whatever he wants. As for the people who
really want to show Tyson some love, he does not see it, because the
laughter and profit cash registers are too loud and taking away the
sounds of the people who really want to help him. Happy belated
birthday Mike Tyson.