Fenech on '4 rounders!': "It was just a rumor"


Published: July 2, 2005

Source: fightnews

By Lisa Scott

A few days ago, a news item out of Australia reported that Mike Tyson trainer Jeff Fenech was planning to have Tyson return to the ring in a 4 round tournament against the likes of Evander Holyfield and Riddick Bowe. Fenech told Fightnews: “It’s all rubbish. It was just a rumor. I’m thinking about doing something, a tournament type of event, but it has absolutely nothing to do with 4 rounders or Mike Tyson. Someone that I know had this thing he wanted to do and he asked me about Mike. So, the whole thing just got out the wrong way.” When asked how Tyson is doing and if he felt that Tyson would look to fight again, Fenech stated “Mike is doing great. He’s fine. But I don’t anticipate him ever fighting again.”