Legal problems continue for Tyson


Published: April 8, 2004

World Boxing Council President Jose Sulaiman asked a bankruptcy judge for permission to continue his lawsuit against former heavyweight champion Mike Tyson for injuries suffered during a press conference brawl in 2002. The 73-year-old Sulaiman, who was hurt during a melee that started when Tyson attacked champion Lennox Lewis, asked judge Allan L. Gropper to lift a shield that protects people from lawsuits while they’re going through bankruptcy proceedings.

The brawl itself occured at Jan. 22, 2002, at the Hudson Theater in New York. The motivation of Tyson for approaching Lennox was to stage a face off, which was assumed both camps had agreed to. When Lennox’s bodyguard panicked and shoved Tyson, Lennox threw a right.

After a miscommunication between the two camps with regards to the face-off, chaos broke out.

Sources: Salt Lake Tribune and arizona replibic