Larry Holmes reacts on recent Tyson loss


Published: June 21, 2005

Source: boxinginsider

by Derek Callahan

BoxingInsider: Having fought the Mike Tyson of 1988, what were thinking seeing the Tyson of 2005?

Larry Holmes: Watching the Mike Tyson of 2005 fighting guys
everybody thinks he should beat, but you got to remember one thing:
Mike Tyson is a dollar for the people who promote him. People who dont
promote him dont give a damn about Mike Tyson. What happened is, Mike
Tyson was overmatched for the third time. The reason why Im saying
that is because he had a whole year off each time he fought and he goes
in there to fight [McBride] who may not be good, but hes strong. And
he could take a punch. Mike Tyson didnt have the stamina to go the
distance and he ran out of gas. By him running out of gas the guy was
ready to take advantage of him. It aint that these guys are so good or
Mike Tyson is so bad, its just that they didnt give Mike Tyson enough
time to get ready for the fight. So thats what I say and thats what I
stand by. It comes down to poor management of the fighter. A manager
wants his product to win, so he goes out and gets a lesser product so
Mike Tyson can knock the guy out. But no, they get him the toughest
product. This guy may have a record of 33 wins and 4 losses. Those four
losses dont mean the guy cant fight. Besides, Mike Tysons only
five-foot-ten, eleven. Why fight a guy whose 67?, 280 pounds? Give me
a break!