Paradise Valley cracks down on Mike Tyson's pigeons


Published: June 20, 2005

Source: azcentral

Paradise Valley officials have halted construction of a purported
pigeon coop for boxer Mike Tyson’s flock of feathered friends.

Tyson, who has said he owns 350 pigeons, recently bought a
7,788-square-foot house on Paradise Valley’s exclusive Mummy Mountain
for $2.1 million.

An anonymous neighbor contacted The Arizona Republic questioning construction of a building in the backyard of the residence in the 5500 block of East Morrison Lane.

The resident heard the structure was to be used to house Tyson’s birds and wondered if the town had approved it.

Paradise Valley officials were unaware of the structure until asked about it by a reporter.

by the news, inspectors were dispatched to the house and found what
they called an accessory building under construction in the backyard.

Jack Niles, the town’s code compliance officer, said Monday that a
permit had not been obtained to build the stucco-and-wood structure.
The town issued an order to stop construction.

Paradise Valley officials have not yet heard from Tyson, but he or his
representative must file the necessary paperwork within the next two
weeks to obtain a building permit before work can resume, said Hamid
Arshadi, the town’s building and zoning director.

Arshadi said the building’s use must be stated in the application. And
if it will be a place for pigeons to roost, officials want to know how
many birds will be kept and how they will be kept, he said.

Paradise Valley limits the number of horses a homeowner can have, but
not birds. However, any birds must be contained on the property and
cannot create a public nuisance for adjacent neighbors, Arshadi said.

On June 1, Tyson spoke at a Phoenix City Council subcommittee hearing.
He asked the city not to support a proposal to limit the number of
pigeons a Phoenix resident could keep to 40.