The Dream of Tyson Lives On


Published: June 20, 2005

Source: fightkings

By Michael Amakor

On Saturday June 11, Iron Mike Tyson received another
humiliating shocker to his well publicized comeback,
in a bout were he was supposed to win, he got

repeatedly cloned by punches that felt like the whole
of Ireland hitting him on the chin by underdog Kevin
McBride who pressured him into quitting on his stool
at the end of the sixth round convinced that there was
no way to get past the colossal force in front of him.
Before the fight we caught a glimpse of the old Tyson
uttering vile invectives about the Cloned
Collossus?Kevin McBride describing him as a tomato
can.? Im gonna gut him like a fish”. When harangued
by his critics he exclaimed People, they call this a
circus, I’m not a circus, I’m an icon, further firing
away “I’m an international superstar, if they don’t
know my name they’re from another planet.” Which made
us all reminiscent about past bombast from a younger
Tyson who once declared There is not a man alive
today that can beat me?? Everybody was pumped up and
excited because this was the trash talking Mike Tyson
we had come to love and we all jumped on the roller
coaster ride predicting all kinds of victorious
scenarios against McBride.

Unfortunately, this comeback turned into another
disaster as the exertion of fighting at this level, at
this stage of his career was too much for Iron Mike
Tyson to handle and he quit the fight on his stool.
Going by his past antecedents we have come to expect
him to knock everybody out, but those days are long
gone, it is now time to gut it out, something he would
have done if he had not gotten derailed all these past
years. So what if you lose a fight, you suck it all up
go back to the gym to fine tune your skills for the
next fight with the conviction that it will never
happen again. George Foremans comeback in 1987 was no
easy task either as he fought over twenty opponents
before gaining a title shot against Evander Real
Deal? Holyfield in 1991, he lost that fight but went
on to later beat Michael Moorer for the WBA
Heavyweight title.

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So you can imagine my rage when Tyson degenerated into

giving us another one of his self pitying tirades

about how he no longer had it in him to continue

boxing post fight, repeatedly hinting at retirement

and all that. It is not the first time that I have

been exasperated by not only Mike Tyson himself, but

by boxing fans and critics alike in their theories

about fighters leaving the sport with his legacy

intact supporting as he claims that he will not

disgrace the sport by continuing. But Tysons legacy

will forever remain intact, as nobody can downplay his

past achievements, his story will just simply be told

in two segments ?? Pre- Douglas and Post Douglas. We

should be aware that hasty pronouncements about Tyson

can break his spirit and derail the Baddest man on the

planet onto the frightful path of permanent

retirement, We cannot allow this to happen as he has

no other apparent skills to fall back on, it is quite

possible that he will self destruct and end up like

the late great Sonny Liston as he once foretold, so we

better start beating the war drums to stop him from

doing so in spite of himself.

Our expectations in the McBride fight underscores the

poor analysis we received from most boxing analysts

and armchair experts who led us on. Scant attention

was paid to potential or to the fact that he was once

a former or current champion of a less coveted belt

otherwise known as trinkets out there. We paid for

this so it is now time to change that mentality about

how trinket holders are perceived because the won

these belts in competitive fights. In my opinion these

champions are on the same level as any of the

champions of the more recognized IBF, WBA,WBC or WBO

titles simply because they have benefited from the

politics of the game and Don Kings control of the

division, if not how does one explain Andrew Golota

getting three title shots in a row. Just think about

it for a minute, boxing would be a joke if anybody

including a 39 year old Tyson could come back from

oblivion and knock out a live 32 year old former IBC

Heavyweight Champion who outweighed him by more than

30 pounds, Tyson definitely had this ass whopping

coming and we should have known better as he made the

same mistake in his previous fight against former WBO

Intercontinental, WBU International and British

Heavyweight Champion Danny Williams.

It must be bewildering to Tyson as it is too me, that

both comebacks have ended disastrously in spite of his

seemingly intensive training regimen he underwent to

prepare for these fights, he will always be

disconsolate until he is made to understand that he is

coming back to the ring against fighters now way above

his skill level. Period He should follow the example

of Shannon Briggs who continued his comeback against

Abraham Okine a fighter with only about 15 fights

under his belt, he scored a couple of knockdowns

en-route to knocking him out in a move that has

inflamed interest in his desire to fight back to the

top of the division. A fatal mistake by Tyson on the

comeback trail has been his long standing break up

with legendary promoter Don King, who has been

bragging to anybody who cares to listen ever since

how, Tyson made much more money under him, he has also

pointed out how Tysons career has spiraled downhill

due to poor management. After excavating through

Tysons history, have to agree with the King.

It is very important to note that Tyson has been

terribly mismanaged by a team of senseless

opportunists who know nothing about the sweet science

and have taken Tyson on a roller coaster ride of

inglorious disasters. In light of his age and lack of

real experience recently, he should have matched

against fighters from the very lower echelons of the

division, his team could have picked virtually any

opponent for Tyson to fight as boxing fans simply

wanted Mike to make a comeback in knockout fashion.

Instead the selected able fighters in their prime and

have served u poor boxing fans who have eeked out the

ridiculous pay per view fees a saddening feast of

Mike Tyson getting humiliated for no reason.

However, he better get his game in order, because

there is still more loot on the table along with

several dream fights to be made. Already I can hear

the whispers for a trilogy against Evander Holyfield,

soon after that fight the drums will start beating for

a Bronx Heavyweight title fight against Riddick Big

Daddy? Bowe. These fights could happen in the future

as Holyfield is still determined to once again become

the undisputed heavyweight champion of the world, Bowe

is back to prove something, and Tyson needs to pay off

his numerous debtors. Tyson should realize there will

be no escape from his debtors who will still have to

be paid but not with the ill gotten loot, he will be

forced to get his bad ass back into the gym and work

up a sweat to rid himself of the laziness that has

characterized his efforts since getting out of jail

back in 1995 to prepare himself for another well

calculated comeback.

Through some extraordinary event which I will explain

at the conclusion of this article, I was commissioned

to be the team manager of this project, my first

recommendation to Tyson was to advice him to stop

being the humble and polite man he is now and revert

to the terror he once was in and out of the ring,

dont you know you are losing your hard core fan base,

I snap.

Secondly, I tried everything to help him regain the

satanic rage that he channeled into destroying his

opponents in ring, he figured he needed to regain the

anger at an establishment that punished him at the

slightest provocation. To help with this I arranged

for him to hang out and train with his age mate

current Undisputed Middleweight champion Bernard The

Executioner? Hopkins, a hard working, mentally tough

fighter, in and out of the ring, and whose rage

against the system still burns strong through numerous

defenses. Even right now he plans to take on even more

fearful lions like Jermain Taylor instead of retiring

like Lennox Lewis after Vitali Klitchko, and besides

the can swap prison jokes and rail against the system


My next act was to strengthen his training camp by

adding Big George Foreman to the team as mentor, I

also delicately maneuvered Tyson into a position where

he made and offer, which his former trainer Kevin

Rooney could not refuse in the manner meant when

employed in the Godfather I movie, Kevins soul

consolation was that he had the right to a pull a gun

on Tyson whenever he deviated from the agreed training

program or missed even a single appointment.

Tyson also went ahead to re-hire the services of

Steve? Crocodile” Fitch, his former sun-glassed loud

mouthed, trash talking oratorical speaker to

intimidate everybody. My joy knew no bounds when in an

unprecedented move he had a reunion with Don King

publicly forgiving each other for all sins both real

and imagined. The King of course was gracious and

became so excited that he immediately began a campaign

of monumental proportions to clear the way for a title

shot and like the King will tell you anything is

entirely possible in America.

Granted Tyson will be a shadow of himself as he barely

gets past these mediocre opponents even losing a few

fights down the road, but boxing fans must as a matter

of principle urge him on until one a champion lulled

into a false sense of security about his press

clippings will step into the ring against the BADDEST

man on the planet for a record purse and boxing


Everything will go according to his plan until some

time in the third round when, an angry and victimized

Mike Tyson suddenly unleashes a vicious uppercut deep

down from the depths of hell packing all the fury of

all his ex-wives and tribulations? in slow motion the

world will watch as the referee slowly waves off the

fight in horror as the fans at Madison Garden rise up

and go completely berserk because Mike Tyson is the

undisputed champion of the world. All of a sudden Mike

Tyson got hold of the microphone and began ranting

about how he has changed his mind and will now eat all

of our children.

My children, all of a sudden I was rudely awaken from

my slumber as I realized that I had just had a

nightmare or was it a dream, I was still pondering

this question by press time.

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