Samuel Peter reaches out to Iron Mike


Published: June 14, 2005

Source: Press Release

14.06.05 – Nigerian heavyweight Samuel Peter would
like to extend an invitation to recently retired Mike Tyson to
accompany him on a humanitarian mission to Africa. “It would be an
honor for me to bring one of the greatest champions in history to
Africa where I know we could raise people’s awareness of the many
problems of the area.” Peter, who says he has always had tremendous
respect for “Iron” Mike, was impressed to hear the former champion
reveal his goal of doing missionary work in his post-boxing life.

“Mike Tyson is like a God to people in my country and all over the
continent. For him to go there and meet the people would be a dream for

“People all over the world still love Mike Tyson,” added Peter’s
promoter, Dino Duva. “For the hardest-punching heavyweight of the past
20 years to accompany boxing’s new knockout king to a region so
desperately in need of assistance would be a tremendous help. Just
having them there would lift a lot of spirits and bring much-needed
attention to a continent that has
been devastated by war, famine, and aids.”

Duva says that Peter is serious about the idea and is hoping Tyson will
agree. “Sam has always been a huge fan of Mike’s and when he announced
he was retiring to do humanitarian work, Sam called me right away to
see what I thought of the trip. I think it’s a great idea and I think
they could do a lot of good. We’re hoping Mike will call us and make it
happen. This
is not about fighting in the ring; its about fighting together for good things outside the ring.”