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"He throws combinations I never saw before. I was stunned. Nothing is supposed to bother me. Ive worked with Ali and Sugar Ray Leonard, but Im seeing [from Tyson] a three-punch combination second to none. When have you seen a guy throw a right hand to the kidney, come up the middle with an uppercut, then throw a left hook?"

~ Angelo Dundee after the Tyson-Berbick fight

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TysonTalk: Iron Mike coos over

Posted on Monday, May 30, 2005 @ 16:11:49 UTC by viper
Source: New York Daily News

Mike Tyson's favorite hobby is for the birds. The former heavyweight champ, who has a fight coming up shortly, is turning again to his beloved flock of pigeons for focus and friendship.

Steve Lott, a former assistant manager of Tyson's, said the heavyweight "has a love, a sensational love, for the great legendary fighters," Lott said. "At the turn of the century, a lot of the fighters had birds as a hobby. What they did back then, he does to some extent now."

Tyson's prized pigeons are tumblers - birds that suffer seizures while flying so it appears they're doing somersaults in the air.

Back when Lott worked with Tyson in the 1980s, "it probably relaxed him a great deal," he said of the fighter's feathered friends. "Coming up, there was tremendous pressure on him. The birds gave him relaxation."

Brooklyn-born Tyson, 38, will face Kevin (The Clones Colossus) McBride in Washington, D.C., June 11. Tyson is hoping for a better outcome than his last bout, when British heavyweight Danny Williams knocked Iron Mike to the canvas in a four-round victory last July.

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