Mesi Could Be Final Tyson Bout


Published: April 2, 2004

​​​​Sources close to Mike Tyson indicate that Tyson may fight only once
more and then call it a career. The fight that Tyson wants, according
to sources close to him, is against Joe Mesi. This is a match that
everyone involved in both camps seems to want to put together, possibly
to be held in Mesi’s hometown of Buffalo, MSG or Atlantic City.

are many that feel that Mesi is custom made for Tyson. Mesi and Tyson
have both called eachother out in the last few months and both want to
make this fight happen.

Due to Mesi having a shaky defense, a
suspect chin and an eagerness to go to war, most feel that even with
his inactivity, Tyson could win this fight. Most feel that Tyson should
jump to fight Mesi now, while Mesi’s confidence may be shaken following
two poor performances. Mesi went from being the next big thing, to
being knocked down four times in two fights and barely gaining the nod
in both of them.

Experts feel that neither fighter would stand a
chance against either of the Klitschkos, who at this moment in time are
ahead of the pack as the two most likely to rule the heavyweight
division. The fight makes sense for both Tyson and Mesi, especially
when it comes to the money involved.

The only roadblock that
could get in the way is the fact that Tyson is signed with Showtime and
Mesi has a deal with HBO. Due to the rival networks hardly working
together to make anything happen, getting them to agree on putting this
fight together is a longshot. While they worked together when it came
to Tyson vs. Lewis, the money involved in that fight was too much for
either network to pass up. Although there is a good deal of money in a
Tyson vs. Mesi bout, it will not come close to the numbers involved in