Published: June 5, 2005


Jun 5 2005

MIKE TYSON is back – but this time he insists it is serious.

Last July Tyson was beaten by Brixton’s Danny Williams, but next week he returns to the ring and a potential one-round massacre of Irishman Kevin McBride.

The mismatch will take place at the MCI Centre in Washington DC.

It was 19 years ago that Tyson first won a world heavyweight title, and since that night in Las Vegas the former Undisputed Champion from New York has rarely been out of the news.

He said: “When I look back and watch the younger Mike Tyson it’s like watching somebody I’ve never met. I know one thing – none of the modern heavyweights would live with that Mike Tyson!”

After last year’s shock loss there was growing speculation that Tyson would simply walk away from boxing. But he has been back in the gym since January and claims he is feeling better than at any point in the last 10 years.

He added: “All I need is one or two warm-up fights and then I will be ready for any of the world champions at the moment. None of them worries me that much and I don’t think any of them would have stood a chance against me 20 years ago.

“But I have learned in this business not to underestimate my opposition so I am going back to basics.”

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Next Saturday Tyson will be seven inches shorter than McBride, who was born in the same Irish town, Clones, as Barry McGuigan – but that is where the similarity ends.

McBride is known as the Clones Colossus but he has been knocked out four times in a career that has seen him carefully matched.

He said: “I know I’m the underdog but so was Williams, and look what he did to Tyson. Somebody will have to finally persuade Tyson it’s time to retire and I think it will be me.”

Part of Tyson’s new regime has been yet another change of trainer; this time the man giving him much-needed advice during the rounds will be the Australian former world champion Jeff Fenech.

“I have known Mike since before he was world champion for the ‘third’ time so I know what I’m saying when I talk about him,” claimed Fenech.

“Right now I can tell you with my hand on my heart that Mike Tyson can be the best heavyweight in the world once again – but it will not be an easy road.

“After McBride, the quality of opposition will increase and then Tyson will show how much he has left.”