Tyson Confident of Victory


Published: June 2, 2005

Source: Skysports

Former world heavyweight champion Mike Tyson is expecting to brush aside the challenge of ‘Irish’ Kevin McBride when he returns to the ring on Saturday week.

Tyson takes on McBride in a bout designed to put him back on track for another shot at the world title after he suffered a shock defeat to Britain’s Danny Williams almost 12 months ago.

“I’m prepared to deal with the challenges I’ve had in life in the past and the ones coming in the future,” Tyson told Sky Sports News. “I’m just so good.

“I’m not bitter about anything that has happened in my life. I’m sure everything happened for a reason.”

Tyson was also confident in his ability to easily beat McBride but said he was not going to be complacent.

“I don’t know anything about him other than the videos of his fights I have watched,” admitted the man who first took the heavyweight world crown back in 1986.

“But he didn’t look too impressive, you can guarantee I’ve been training hard just like he was a world-beater, because I know he leads to other things, so I’m just prepared.

“I won’t make the mistake of under-estimating him, or take him too lightly.

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“As you know from me and Danny Williams, anything can happen. But being a fighter and being very confident I don’t think he’s capable of beating me.”

McBride has responded by saying Tyson will feel the full force of his punches.

“Once I beat Mike Tyson it’s going to shock the world and I’ll become a contender instead of people thinking I’m a pretender,” he informed Sky Sports News.

“I respect his power, he has tremendous power, but I have tremendous power too and when I hit Mike Tyson, he’s going to think the whole of Ireland has hit him.”