Tyson pleads for pigeons


Published: June 2, 2005

Source: azcentral

The former heavyweight boxing champion, who lives in Phoenix, stunned City Council members Wednesday by showing up at a subcommittee hearing and asking that they not impose new restrictions on the number of pigeons kept on residential property.

“I am just here for anyone that’s for the pigeons,” Tyson said.

The boxer has been a pigeon aficionado since childhood and now owns 350. The new proposal would limit that to 40 birds.

It’s not clear how Tyson became interested in pigeons, but an oft-told story is that he got his first taste of fighting after beating up a bully who killed one of his beloved birds.

No such fury was evident Wednesday. A deferential Tyson thanked the council for letting him speak.

“I don’t understand why people would want to get rid of pigeons,” he said. “They don’t bother no one.”