Tyson scares off shady character in new neighbourhood!


Published: May 31, 2005

Source: Wallace Matthews

These days, Mike Tyson says his explosive temper surfaces only in time of need, such as a couple of weeks ago, when he spotted a shady-looking character lurking around the suburban Phoenix neighborhood where he has been living while training for his June 11 fight against Kevin McBride.

According to Tyson, he watched the man walk up and down the street several times before confronting him and angrily demanding to know what he was doing in the neighborhood.

“The guy was scared to death,” Tyson said, laughing. “He was saying, ‘Oh my God, Mr. Tyson, I’m sorry, I dropped my wallet somewhere on this block and I was looking for it.'”

Tyson said he felt “a little guilty” after he ran the man off – until he was thanked for his actions by several of his neighbors, who said they had noticed the man hanging around for a while and were frightened of him.

“You believe that?” Tyson said. “Now I’m the neighborhood watch! I’m Spiderman!”