Kevin McBride training photos


Published: May 17, 2005

Source: Tom Casino/SHOWTIME

Kevin The Clones Colossus? McBride spard in spirited fashion with Terrance Lewis at Petronellis Gym, where hes preparing for his June 11 bout against Mike Tyson, 9PM ET/6PM PT distributed by Showtime PPV. Quotes from Kevin McBride (5/16/05, Petronellis Gym, Boston, MA): Once I beat Mike Tyson Im going to shock the world. Im going to be a contender instead of a pretender.?

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– My ultimate dream is to be the undisputed heavyweight champion of the
world. To beat Mike Tyson, the greatest heavyweight of this era.?

– Im gonna take the fight to him, Im gonna knock Mike Tyson out and prove that Im a legitimate heavyweights.?

– When I hit Mike Tyson hell think all of Ireland has hit him.?

– Hes in the way of my dream, now is my time to shine.?

– Mike Tyson is a dangerous man because he hits with both hands and so
do I. Thats why this is going to be such an incredible flight.?

– When I beat Mike Tyson Im going to shock the world.?