Interview Jeff Fenech:''You won't see a new Mike Tyson, you'll see the old Mike


Published: May 4, 2005

Source: boxingtalk

By Darren Nichols

BoxingTalk caught up with Fenech recently to get the scoop on how Tyson
is looking with six weeks to go, how Tysons knee is holding up, and
what they are doing to ensure victory against the taller Kevin McBride.

BoxingTalk: Jeff, how is Mikes training going for his fight on June 11th against Kevin McBride?

Fenech: Im doing great because Mikes doing great. Mike sparred
six good rounds today, and were really excited about his upcoming

BoxingTalk: Who is he sparring with?

Jeff Fenech: Hes sparring with Corey T-Rex? Sanders. Mike is fighting better now that he is sparring with Sanders.

BoxingTalk: How is Mike looking now compared to how he looked during his prime?

Fenech: We feel this is the best Mike has looked in over ten
years. Im really excited because we still have six weeks to go
until he fights, and Mike is already sparring six rounds. To me,
that is important because I know that is something he hasnt done in a
really long time. He doesnt look this good because of me or any
part of my team, its because Mike Tyson wants to do it. He is
devoted and is someone who really wants to work.

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If Mike wins this fight and can back into heavyweight contention, do
you feel you will get the credit for bringing Mike back?

Fenech: To be honest, I havent done this to get credit. Mike is my
friend, and I am trying to help him do what he does best. Ive
been there and done it before, and looking at Mike Tyson and the
heavyweight division, I feel he is capable of climbing that mountain
again. As far as Im concerned Im just here to make sure Mike
does what he has to do, and its been really enjoyable for me.

Theres not too many people who can say that Mike Tyson has given them
120 percent. Mike Tyson has given me that.

BoxingTalk: With six weeks left before his fight, what will you be working on with Mike for the remaining time left?

Fenech: Im just going to continue doing what weve been doing.
Im teaching Mike how to box twelve rounds again. When Mike Tyson
steps in the ring believing he can box twelve rounds, he is
unbeatable. He will be the Mike Tyson of old.

Its no secret that Mike has had trouble in the past with his larger
opponents. With McBride being 66, is there any concern on your
part about Mikes ability to handle McBrides size?

Fenech: Weve taken every consideration. Ive looked at some of
his fights. Ive watched them with Mike. Weve studied what
we need to study, and well do what we need to do to handle Kevin
McBride. Corey Sanders is big guy. A couple of our other
sparring partners are 65 and 66, and well be prepared properly
for this fight?thats my job.

BoxingTalk: How is Tysons knee holding up during training?

Jeff Fenech: His knee is great. Hes done a lot of rehabilitation on it, and he is fine.

BoxingTalk: Would you say his knee is back to 100%?

Fenech: Its at 200%. You wont see a new Mike Tyson, youll see
the old Mike Tyson. Im not here to change him. You cant
teach an old dog new tricks, but if I can get that old dog hungry
again, then Ill have something special.

Boxingtalk thanks Mr. Fenech for taking the time to speak with us. We wish he and Tyson the best of luck on June 11.