Williams Taunts Tyson again and calls him out!!


Published: April 13, 2005

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“I was very disappointed to read that Tyson is going to be fighting Kevin McBride,”* Williams told SecondsOut. “It proves that Tyson and his people know deep down that Tyson can’t beat me and all the excuses about Mike only losing in Louisville last July because of some phantom knee injury is all just excuses. “*

“If Tyson really believes he’d have beaten me if not for some knee injury he’d agree to fight me again because he’s making himself look silly by claiming he’d beat me easy and then avoiding me. McBride is a guy he knows he’ll take out in two rounds no problem. The one thing Tyson can still do is punch – believe me – and Kevin McBride won’t be able to take Tyson’s power.”*

“This Tyson comeback is a total fraud. We all box to make money but this is purely a cynical money making exercise. Mike’s on cruise and collect mode now, he doesn’t want to fight now more, and I hope the fans will realise that.”*

* All quotes come from dannywilliams.tv