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"Cus DAmato on how the most important lessons were not learned in the gym, but were learned at the dinner table: 'I never teach until Ive spoken to the fighter. I have to first determine his emotional state, get his background, to find out what I have to do, how many layers I have to keep peeling off so that I get to the core of the person so that he can recognize, as well as I, what is there."

~ Cus D'Amato

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Tyson History News: Years ago exactly on this day

Posted on Thursday, March 03, 2005 @ 22:47:34 UTC by viper
6 March. Today exactly 20 years ago Mike Tyson turned pro at the age of 18. After a successfull amateur-carreer Mike Tyson now stepped into the ring as a professional. It was a new game for the 18-year old. He would be up against stronger more mature competition. It was on this day the notorious one-fight-a-month schedule started (a bold and amazing series of fights in an extreme short period that catched everybody's eyes and has never been seen again) with Hector Mercedes as Mikes first month opponent. Mike stalked his opponent and in two minutes forty-five seconds of the first round Mike Tyson knocked out Hector Mercedes. The foreward rushing force of nature approach that was to become so familiar had claimed it's first victim.. It was a result (KO1) that would become Mikes trademark as he today began to wreak havoc on the heavyweight division.

When a reporter after the fight today commented to Cus D'Amato that it was an easy win. 'The term is quick, not easy.' the wise old Cus (D'Amato) replied. 'This guy Mercedes came to fight, Mike did his job quickly.'

Feel free to relive this memorable moment together with many fellow Tyson fans by watching Mike Tysons amazing first pro fight serie starting with (short) footage of Tyson-Mercedes *CLICK HERE*.

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