Tyson and Fenech Resume Training in Phoenix


Published: April 4, 2005

Source: 15rounds

undisputed world heavyweight champion Mike Tyson and world
renowned trainer Jeff Fenech will arrive today at the Central
Boxing Club to resume their training in preparation for his
next bout in early July against an undetermined opponent.

Fenech intends to spend 11 weeks in Phoenix, Arizona, to help
Mike Tyson rebuild his career.

Bob Arum has revested plans of promoting Mike Tyson.

Arum had an $80 million deal for three fights before Danny
Williams’ upset of Tyson last summer.

“We’ll see,” Arum told reporters last month. “First
of all, it’s important for him to get his confidence back.
Put him in two or three fights to restore confidence that
he can beat anybody. Take him abroad. Put him on free TV.
Don’t ask people to pay big money the first few times out.
That just would make everybody mad.”

Harwood Hamilton, Manager of the Central Boxing Club, accounts
the gym’s success to Tyson’s presence. “Tyson brings
down the house,” said Harwood, “People from all
over the world send him fan mail. He can’t walk five feet
without somebody recognizing him.”


-A fight date and opponent is still TBA

-Tyson is still without a promoter

-You can learn more about the Central Boxing Club’s success
by picking up this month’s edition of Ring Magazine