Pukall sends out message to Tyson


Published: April 2, 2005


Gene Pukall had laid down an audacious challenge to former heavyweight champion Mike Tyson. The German hardman says he wants to fight Tyson and will send him into retirement if the two did ever meet in the ring. 30-year-old Pukall holds a patchy looking record; 9 wins from his 20 pro starts but 8 of those victories have come via knockout. Pukall is under no illusion that his challenge will not be taken seriously but is adamant that given the opportunity he can write his name into the history books. Pukall has won 6 of his last 7 and collected a fringe heavyweight title in November last year when he sparked out Frank Bohme in Berlin. Bohme was unconscious for 10 minutes after Pukall’s left hook turned the lights out and its that punching power he believes can take him to victory.

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“Tyson is looking to have a couple of tune up fights before he goes for another title,” said the 250lbs German giant.

“Well here I am ready and waiting. I will fight him anywhere at any time.

“I’ve seen many of Tyson’s fights and he isn’t the fighter he used to be. The myth of Tyson is gone forever and I know I would beat him in quicker time than Danny Williams did.

“I respect Tyson for what he has done for boxing but this is business and I want a chance to prove I can beat him and finally send him into retirement.”

Puckall has lost 9 times as a pro and admits his record doesn’t match that of an A-grade fighter but says his power is up there with any of today’s heavyweights.

“My record isnt the best but ask anybody who has seen me fight that if I land even at 75% then my opponents go over and stay over,” added Pukall.

“Tyson wouldn’t stay out of the way of my left hook for very long. Once he tastes my power the fight is over.”

And Puckall says the fight could take place in Germany where it would be a huge PPV draw. Tyson has previously fought three times in Europe each time commanding massive live gates and TV audiences.

I have spoken with German television and they would be happy to bankroll the fight,? explained Pukall.

This would be one of the biggest fights in German boxing history and I want to be part of it and make it happen.?