Tyson is Fenech's heavyweight challenge


Published: April 2, 2005

Source:The Age

By Adrian Warren
April 3, 2005

Jeff Fenech rates training Mike Tyson as the greatest challenge of his career, but says he will not hesitate to return home if the former heavyweight champion does not put in enough effort.

Fenech flew to Phoenix, Arizona, yesterday to help Tyson, 38, whose next fight is expected to be mid-year. “Without doubt, it’s my greatest challenge, but it’s something that I want to do,” Fenech said. “I love Mike Tyson. He’s my friend and I want to try to help him.”

Fenech said he could spend up to 11 weeks in the US and planned to fly his family over twice during that time.

“My whole life is my family,” he said. “If at any stage I feel that something hasn’t been done properly, I’ll come straight home and be with them.

“For the money that I’ll make, I will most probably spend it on airfares, bringing my family to and fro. Mike is my friend; that’s why I’m going. If he gives me the effort and commitment that I want, I’ll stay; if not, I’m coming home.”

Fenech said he would not tolerate interference from outside influences. “I’m the boss. If it’s not that way, I won’t be there.” Asked how he intended to turn around Tyson’s career, Fenech said: “I want him to enjoy what he’s doing.”

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Fenech headed to the US after a difficult week. He recorded a six-figure loss promoting IBF flyweight world champion Vic Darchinyan’s first world title defence and said he was annoyed by the attitude of some boxers within his team.

“I’ve got kids like Hussein Hussein, who will die for you, and I’ve got other guys who we’ve done everything for and they still think you owe them something,” Fenech said. “I’m not naming them, I’m just fed up, I’ve had enough of it.”

While saying he had had “enough of boxing”, Fenech emphasised he would continue in the sport, although he would spend less time in the corner.