Manny has a lot of heart, says Tyson


Published: March 20, 2005

LAS VEGAS Mike Tyson was right when he
said he wanted Erik Morales to win but was wrong when he said Manny
Pacquiao might stop the Mexican figure.

On the eve of the fight between the two great boxers, the
former heavyweight champion said he believes that Pacquiao might stop
Morales “simply because he throws too many punches.”

Tyson indeed watched Saturdays fight at the MGM Grand, staying in the last row of the special ringside section.

After the bout, which had Morales winning a unanimous decision, Tyson once again spoke about the super-featherweight contest.

He spoke about Pacquiao, too.

“He has a lot of heart. He was already suffering and he still
went at it,” said Tyson of the Filipino knockout artist who lasted the
distance despite absorbing a bloody one-inch cut over his right eye in
the fifth round.

“Hes like an Energizer battery (which just goes on and on)
and so I expect him to be back soon. Maybe a rematch with Morales,” he

Source: philstar