Open Letter to Danny Williams


Published: March 15, 2005

Danny –

You want a Re-Match ? Are you out of your damn mind ? Mike will wipe the floor with your ass. You are just trying to get another heavy pay-day, riding on Mikes shirt-tail just like every other chump “journeyman”. Forget “Life after Tyson” because there is none, Klitchsko beat the living hell out of you in your so called title fight. It looked like an overmatched sparring session. Yeah you have heart, but your skills are lacking. You look ridiculous in the ring, offering little movement and taking shots like Sylvester Stallone in an old Rocky movie. Quit talking Tyson, Mr.Williams, those 26 punches were a “fluke”. And to add to the whole “Danny Williams has heart”, where would you have been after suffering an injury like Mike did in the first round ? Mike has way more heart than you ever will, 3 rounds later he was still giving it his all. Danny Williams you are nothing but a chump going for broke off the luckiest victory you will ever achieve. Danny Williams I can only pray to god that you will have a rematch with Mike, and I can only pray to god that you will step into the ring with the “most brutal and most vicious champion there has ever been” Iron Mike Tyson of old. And I can only pray to god that I will be in the front row to see it. You think the first fight you had against Mike was big ? Heaven help you Danny Williams because you are about to be in for the biggest struggle for your life, stepping into the ring again with Iron Mike Tyson. It’s redemption and there is a large target on your back. You talk way too much & money says Mikes gonna make you eat every word off the end of those 10oz gloves. R I P Legend Killer.

P.S. I am an up and coming amateur heavyweight boxer out of Columbus,Ohio. If you’re still around the game in a good 4 years, you’re mine, I’m calling you out right now. Keep your chin tucked Danny, Mikes coming to get you.

– Robert Vanderbosch