Rumour of the week: Tyson in talks for Beijing fight


Published: March 10, 2004

BEIJING : Former world heavyweight champion Mike Tyson is
in talks for a three million dollar fight in Beijing later this year,
state press reported.

A basic agreement in preliminary talks was expected to be announced
soon, with Tyson expected to be in Beijing in June for promotional
activities ahead of an October fight, the Eastern Sports Daily reported.

“First Tyson will come in June for a 10-day visit that will include a
boxing clinic, exchanges with Chinese boxers, tourism and some charity
work,” Zhang Heng, a Beijing sports official, was quoted as saying.

“Later in October, Tyson will come to China again and hold a commercial fight with a famous Russian heavyweight.”

Zhang said the three million dollar appearance fee would include both the fight and the June visit.

If both sides can reach an agreement, a formal press conference would be held in April in Las Vegas, he said.

Tyson, 37, retains a high level of interest in China’s sports world,
not only because of his once-devastating fighting skills, but also for
his bad boy image and a prominent tattoo of the late Chinese
revolutionary Mao Zedong on his arm.

Update 3/11/2004:

Shelly Finkel responded on this rumour and told it’s untrue. See newspost above

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