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"He throws flurries and punches like a welterweight. Very seldom do you see heavyweights throw combinations of 5, 6 punches. But Mike Tyson does it"

~ Commentator after live watching Mike Tyson fight Mike Jameson

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Mike Tyson News: McBride and more speculations about Tyson, Don King and Foreman...

Posted on Wednesday, February 25, 2004 @ 18:41:05 UTC by tysonian

After Finkel admitted that some talks have been taken place between Tyson and Don King more often a link between Tyson and Foreman has been speculated in the US media.

e.g. From Boston.com:

Word continues to swirl among industry sources that Mike Tyson will return to the ring in June, most likely against Irish heavyweight Kevin McBride, who now fights out of Boston. But the fight cannot be in Belfast, as originally thought, because Tyson has tax problems in England that could lead to his arrest or the impoundment of his purse until those back taxes are paid. Finkel said this week, "It could be when Kevin and Mike do fight it will be in the United States, but I don't even know if I still have him. I was trying to talk with him but now I understand he's talking to Don [King]."
Tyson is also suing King for $100 million, claiming King robbed him of at least that much...

Speaking of Tyson, he could yet be headed for a huge payday with George Foreman, who has agreed to a $20 million one-fight deal with King. With whom could Foreman command such a purse? Only one guy -- Tyson. In a span of seven days, Lennox Lewis retired, Foreman unretired, and Tyson said he only had $5,553 in cash to his name. The only thing that made sense was the 38-year-old Lewis's decision to leave the arena. Foreman is a salesman still, a point made clear when he mentioned halfway through announcing his desire to return to the ring that, "I feel pretty good but I'm not going to get into the ring unless I'm 225 pounds, and I haven't been that weight since 1978." That means he'd have to come in 25 pounds below the weight he carried the night he won the title at age 46 and more than 30 below the weight he carried the last time he fought nearly a decade ago.
Still, he has always wanted a shot at Tyson, and this could be it... Why would Tyson put his lawsuit against King at risk (it would surely be part of the negotiations that he drop the suit)? Because in court filings Tyson claimed he has $10.2 million in liabilities and $174,000 in property and equipment, which loosely translated means, "When do you want to fight, George?"

No words yet from officials or insiders. Wheter these speculations are true remains to be seen.

Other sources: brockpress.com and thisislondon.co.uk

In an interview Foreman stated that he has no plans to fight a top heavyweight or try for another title. It won't be against Mike Tyson, or fellow geriatric fighter Larry Holmes.

source: AP News / SFGate

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