Freddie Roach responds on possibility of training Tyson again


Published: February 18, 2005

In a boxingtalk interview Freddie Roach had some words about the possibility of training Mike Tyson again.

BT: Freddie, let’s put to rest the rumors of you and Mike Tyson…concerning his training with you again.

Roach: Mike went to Florida and worked there for awhile. One of Mike’s
best friends called me and told me that he’s back in Phoenix, and wants
to start training. I told Mike that when he gets a date, that we can
get to it, but right now I got Manny Pacquaio and James Toney coming
up…and then you got Toney wanting to fight Tyson, and Tyson wanting
to fight Toney…and that could be something in the future also

BT: Freddie, what then??? You going to train both of those guys in the same gym, or what? (laughing)

Roach: (Laughing) No…I don’t think so. That wouldn’t be good.
(laughing) I think they respect each other, but there is some animosity
there as well because that would be a very competitive fight. I mean
people could make money at the press conference for that one. (laughing)

BT: So what would you guys do, flip a coin? Heads, Justine goes to Phoenix and tails you stay in Hollywood or what? (laughing)

Roach: You know what…they are both my friends so I hope they
don’t fight each other. James Toney is one of my best friends. I have
known him for a very long time…and Mike is one of my friends too so I
would hate to lose a friend over it. But I have known James Toney for
over 7 years now, so longevity has it’s precedence.

Source: boxingtalk