Freddie Roach worried about Mikes knee


Published: January 20, 2005

By: James Blears

Superstar Trainer Freddie Roach is warning that the knee which Mike Tyson damaged so badly in his last fight, against Britains Danny Williams could buckle and betray him again at any time, because hes not done the necessary exercises to build it back following successful surgery.

Freddie was in Mexico City at a press conference between his Filipino phenomenon, Manny Pacquiao, and Mexicos three-time world champion Erik Morales.

Freddie trained Mike in the build up to the Williams fight, which he lost, after he got injured.

Mike was inactive after the operation for a while, but thats over, because hes been training a couple of weeks down at the Elite Boxing Gym in Vero Beach, Florida with another very talented trainer Buddy McGirt.

Freddie said: Downtime is bad for Mike, because he doesnt do anything and he never did re-hab on the knee, so Im worried a little bit about him in that aspect, because if he didnt do re-hab, it could blow out again. And he has no power if he cant punch off his legs.?

Freddie also stressed that Mike has been around in boxing a very long time, and explained the fatigue factor by commenting:

We trained pretty hard for that fight and he just mentally got tired after just four rounds. Hes been a pro for a long time, and I wonder if Mike should fight any more. He needs a little more discipline. If he wants to win fights, he needs a little more discipline. And I like Mike- the thing is Id like to see him retire. But if he asked me to help him get ready for a fight I would because I do like him. Buddys a good trainer, so maybe hell have some success with him. And I wish Mike the best of luck.?

And in spite of his practical doubts, Freddie explained that a fully prepared, totally trained Mike Tyson could still make it back to the top, even by topping John Ruiz or Lamon Brewster and he added: I think so, and if Mike did it correctly he would also knock out Vitali Klitschko, if he got into the shape he needs to be in, but Im not sure that will happen.

Again, I like Mike, hes a good friend of mine and I wish him all the best, and hopefully hell come back.?

Source: boxingscene