Mike Tyson Showtimes co-analyst?


Published: January 8, 2005

Recently news goes around that Mike Tyson approached Larkin of Showtime and asked if there was a oppurtunity for him as a co-analyst. The response from Larkin was very serious and he said that Tyson’s request was taken very seriouslly, because he feels Tyson does have a alot of knowlegde and provided he attends all the behind the seens stuff, ie meetings etc, then it could be a possibilty.

Wheter this will affect Mikes carreer as a boxer is yet undetermined. Mike Tyson has been co-analyst on several events (namely K-1 fights) and did exclusive commenting jobs for several boxing documentaries during his boxing carreer. Aswell as other boxers filled the role of co-analyst during an active carreer in the ring