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Published: December 12, 2004

“Iron Mike” Tyson Stars in MIG Records “Adrienne’s” Music Video

LOS ANGELES, CA — (MARKET WIRE) — 12/12/2004 — On Thursday, December 9th, 2004 while the world was buzzing with Mike Tyson news, he was in fact, in Santa Monica, California, shooting MIG Records international recording artist, “Adrienne” Lau’s ( music video, “Hypnotic Love.”

MIG Record owner, Dr. Henry Jones, who was also directing the video, was very happy with Mr. Tyson’s performance, saying, “Beyond being a consummate professional, Mr. Tyson was very engaging and had a great sense of humor! We filmed in the recording studio, giving the video a ‘behind-the-scenes’ feel.”

MIG Records artist, ‘Adrienne’ Lau and Mike Tyson on set of

‘Adrienne’s’ music video ‘Hypnotic Love’ (Photo Credit: Rogina)Former world champion, Tyson, was heard laughing and seemed more concerned with getting the choreography right than “Adrienne!” “She has an unfair advantage,” he said smiling. “She’s had time to train!”

“Adrienne,” meanwhile, wrapped shooting and sprinted to the international terminal at LAX, just making her flight to Hong Kong, where MIG Records is hosting the first ever “Listening Event” on Monday, December 13, 2004 at 3:30pm (Grand Hyatt, Chief Executive Ballroom) to introduce “Adrienne,” her debut album, “Hypnotic” and the first single, “Hypnotic Love.”

“Hypnotic” provided “Adrienne” with a unique opportunity to collaborate with several music industry heavyweights such as international rap star, “Jin” (who also performs on “Hypnotic Love”), multi-platinum “Mya,” top writers Belawa Mohammed (“Christina Aguilera,” “Britney Spears”) and Storm (“Usher”) and producers Damon Elliott (“Destiny’s Child,” “Macy Gray,” “Beyonce,” “Pink”) and Rick St. Hilaire (“Alicia Keyes,” “Kid Capri”).

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For her Hong Kong introduction, “Adrienne” wrote and recorded a special ballad, which she sings in Chinese, entitled (translated) “I’ve Been Waiting For You.” “It is a beautiful song,” said “Adrienne,” “and being that I am return home, I wanted to bring a very special gift.”

Want to watch the video? Dr. Jones will be making the “Adrienne” & “Iron Mike” Tyson video available on and; he also suggests viewers request their local television stations to air it.

Will there be more collaborations between MIG Record’s Dr. Henry Jones and Mr. Tyson? Closed door meetings tend not to exclude this possibility. Dr. Henry Jones’ only comment was, “In that we are a record company and a movie production company, nothing can be ruled out.”

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