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"Cus DAmato on how the most important lessons were not learned in the gym, but were learned at the dinner table: 'I never teach until Ive spoken to the fighter. I have to first determine his emotional state, get his background, to find out what I have to do, how many layers I have to keep peeling off so that I get to the core of the person so that he can recognize, as well as I, what is there."

~ Cus D'Amato

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TysonTalk: Vitali Klitschko; ''I Still Want Mike Tyson''

Posted on Tuesday, October 12, 2004 @ 00:18:19 UTC by viper
BoxingScene caught up with the WBC heavyweight champion Vitali Klitschko to get his thoughts on his upcoming bout with "Mike Tyson destroyer" Danny Williams. Vitali always the gentleman, also answered our questions regarding his younger brother Wladimir and his plans past the Danny Williams fight.

The most shocking comments made by Vitali is that he still craves a fight with Mike Tyson, even with Tyson's recent knock out loss to future opponent Danny Williams.

BoxingScene: Thank you for giving us some of your time Vitali. There are some experts that see your bout with Danny Williams as a mismatch. Do you think Williams will present a challenge to you.

V. Klitschko: Danny Williams is very tough opponent and I think fight with Williams will be a good challenge to me.

BoxingScene: Do you think Williams is a worthy challenger for your title? What qualifies Williams to get this title shot over some of the other contenders?

V. Klitschko: Danny Williams is top rated fighter in the WBC ratings. Williams knocked out Mike Tyson. Williams has a very strong punch, he has good boxing skills and I think the fans will be happy because it will be good fight.

BoxingScene: Beyond Danny Williams, who else do you want to fight? Maybe one of the other champions?

V. Klitschko: I would like chance to fight the other heavyweight champions. I want to fight Chris Byrd to show that I lose our fight because of bad injury. If not for injury, I would win my fight with Chris Byrd. I want to fight Mike Tyson, I hope that I can fight him in the future and beat him.

BoxingScene: Why would you want to fight Mike Tyson?

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BoxingScene: Why would you want to fight Mike Tyson? He just suffered a huge loss, knocked out by a fighter who was an unknown prior to the fight. Mike is not getting any younger. What would beating Mike Tyson do for your boxing career?

V. Klitschko: To beat Mike Tyson will make my dream come true. When I was a young boy, I had a dream to one day fight Mike Tyson and to beat him. I still want this dream to come true.

BoxingScene: So this is something personal to you, to beat Mike Tyson?

V. Klitschko: Yes, for many years, this is my dream, to one day fight and beat Mike Tyson.

BoxingScene: What are your thoughts on your brother Wladimir's performance in his last fight with Williamson?

V. Klitschko: It was tough fight for Wladimir because Williamson fight very defensive style. It was not so easy for Wladimir to have good performance because Williamson fight defensive.

BoxingScene: Do you think Wladimir would have won the fight if the fight was not stopped?

V. Klitschko: Yes, Wladimir won almost every round of fight with Williamson and Wladimir would have won fight if fight was not stopped.

BoxingScene: Do you think that your brother will one day regain his position as a top heavyweight contender.

V. Klitschko: My brother Wladimir is a great fighter, Wladimir will be a world champion again. We still have dream of both brothers Klitschko as heavyweight champions.

BoxingScene: Once again, thank your for your time and good luck with your fight against Danny Williams.

Source: BoxingScene.com

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