Tyson nightclub incident in Scottsdale update


Published: December 9, 2004

Scottsdale police detective Sam Bailey said Wednesday that Tyson likely will make an initial court appearance within 10 days.

Tyson allegedly dented the hood of a car when he jumped on it as its driver was leaving the club around 1 a.m. on November 27.

Asaf Alikadic, 22, said he was trying to leave the parking lot at
Scottsdale’s Pussycat Lounge about 12:45 a.m. on Nov. 27 when he
stopped to allow a group of people to cross the street in front of his
car. A moment later, Alikadic said Tyson was atop the hood of
Alikadic’s white Toyota Solara, screaming and slamming his fists on the

“I’ve watched him all my life. He was one of my favorite boxers,” said
Alikadic, a Yugoslavian immigrant and full-time caregiver for his
elderly grandmother. “I never even thought I’d come across meeting Mike
Tyson, let alone having him on top of my hood.”

After Tyson’s friends pulled him off the car, Alikadic said he drove
away and didn’t call police until later in the day when he realized the
hood was damaged. A body shop estimated the dents on Alikadic’s car
would cost $1,400 to repair, he said.

I think he was just out having a good time with his friends,? said Alikadic.

The main issue is he was intoxicated, and sometimes you do things you really cant, or dont have control over, at that moment,? observed Alikadic.

On Tuesday, Scottsdale police asked Tyson, 38, to appear at police
headquarters, where they cited him on suspicion of criminal damage and
released him, Detective Sam Bailey said. He arrived at the station with
his attorney and refused to answer questions, Bailey said.

Attempts to reach Tyson were unsuccessful Wednesday night.

Tyson is scheduled to appear for a hearing in Scottsdale Municipal Court on Dec. 17. If convicted, he could spend up to 5 3/4 years behind bars because of his criminal history.

said he doesn’t want Tyson to go to jail.

He said he simply wants Tyson to pay for the repair and apologize.

“He should not have done what he did, but I just want my hood to be
fixed,” Alikadic said. “I paid for that car and I worked hard for it.”

A witness told police that Tyson “was intoxicated.” Tyson’s attorneys said they are conducting
their own investigation.

Tyson, who has been living and training in the Valley for a fight scheduled in March, was recently rehabilitating his knee after undergoing surgery for an injury sufferedduring his July 30 loss to Danny Williams.