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Tyson Quotes

"When I saw Mike hit the heavy bag, move to one side, punch again, and move to the other side, I realized how extraordinarily difficult it would be to withstand this kids sledgehammer punches. I shook my head in disbelief."

~ Jose Torres on seeing the Mike still as a kid working in the gym

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Fan Talk: History

Posted on Saturday, September 25, 2004 @ 19:02:48 UTC by viper
blaq101 writes "The reality at times, though hard to accept, is that fighters fade. Whether due to father time, life style or so on, there comes a time when things just don't happen like they used to. I have been a Tyson fan since I was very young. It has been over twenty years or so. Any time Mike fights, even Lennox Lewis, I said Mike was going to prevail. It just comes down to reality, inactivity, bad management, a horrible corner, and a lack of desire from Mke himself. Life issues, external scenarios, the day to day shit can whittle away at your motivation, mental & confidence. That is the reason Mike Tyson is having troubles. Will we ever see a reincarnated Mike Tyson, hopefully so, but probably not. We can only hope his intentions are true. And not for the sake of his followers, but for his own sake. I firmly believe that Mike Tyson could win a championship belt one more time. He needs to work extremely on his conditioning, though I do feel the injury vs. Williams was the culprit in that fight. But he needs to fully focus on a steady diet of confidence builders vs. mid-level opposition (4-5) in the next 9 months, maybe a Michael Grant. Step up on the top 10, twice, and revenge Danny "luckiest man in the world" Williams. Then get a couple big money fights against Roy Jones, Tarver, Brewster, Vladamir Klitchsko, or Toney. All of course involving a realistic, strong game plan, involving Mr. Tyson's full cooperation and focus. I believe he could do it. But as he stated in the interview, he doesn't have the instinct. That is a enormous problem, if he himself says that he no longer has the "insinct." Every fan in the history of the fight game has had to deal with letting go. I was talking to my dad, and he said that he used to love Larry Holmes, had a lot of respect for the "Easton Assasin." But he had to keep watching as he went to far, still plugging a way and losing to sub-par opposition. Think of Ali fans, watching the "Greatest of all Time" get beat by Holmes and Leon Spinks. It hurts, its upsetting. But this is history. Hopefully Mike can pull it out, maybe make money in other places not fighting, I believe he could. Always remember, if a fighter was remembered for his later years, there wouldn't be a lot of greats. Always a M.T. fan"

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