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"When the gong goes, there are no champions or contenders. A champion goes up to the ring and a champion leaves it. There are only two boxers who fight for the title between these two moments."

~ Mike Tyson

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Fan Talk: Tyson should just go for Bryd or Brewster

Posted on Monday, September 20, 2004 @ 07:34:04 UTC by viper
spencer_leafs writes
In my mind it would be best for tyson to fight Brewster or the winner between Bryd - McCline. Tyson should do this because if he wins he will get a world title and a big payday. Tyson shouldn't wait for Williams. Because Williams is going to get killed by Vitali then it wouldn't be much of a payday. Tyson would KO Brewster easy because Brewster all most loss to Meehan. Bryd is not good at fighting power hitters and it would be a easy fight for tyson. McCline is big and slow. All Tyson would have to do is slip a jab and land a left hook to the body and McCline would be done. It realy doesn't matter which one as long as Tyson does it soon because Tyson is getting old.


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