Boxing fan buys Mike Tyson's home from bankrupt former champion


Published: November 15, 2004

Joanne Ginley,

MILLIONAIRE fight fan Dominic Marrocco has treated himself to the ultimate piece of boxing memorabilia ?? Mike Tyson’s mansions.

The Las Vegas hideaway of Iron Mike, the fearsome former world heavyweight champion, has been bought by the self-made Leeds-based Internet entrepreneur for a cool $4m.

That gets him an estate including two mansions, each with nine bedrooms, two swimming pools, a sports court, a balcony complete with boxing mural, two hot tubs, three saunas, the area where Tyson used to keep his pet lions ?? and, of course, a boxing ring.

There is also a sprawling garage with enough space to park 18 cars and 10 bathrooms.

Mr Marrocco, 31, said: “Tyson’s estate in Vegas is literally buzzing with an indescribable atmosphere and memorabilia.

“I’m a real boxing fan, I just knew I had to buy it.

“It’s a house with a real sense of history.

“A lot of character is going to stay in the house because it was Mike Tyson’s home and that’s how it’s always going to be known.”

Mr Marrocco, who recently completed a deal worth more than £20m to buy network business 186k, has not met Tyson, but has been in contact with him via the Internet.

He is a frequent visitor to Las Vegas, and later this year plans to open up offices over there. It was while on a trip to the States that he heard about the mansion.

“I go to Vegas quite frequently and when I was over there I read in the paper about him being in debt and it mentioned that he had an estate in Vegas,” he said.

He made inquiries and entered into negotiations, which are scheduled to conclude within days, as attorneys and estate agents have already accepted Mr Marrocco’s offer.

Mr Marrocco says he has been a martial arts fan since the age of 14. His passion for boxing led him to purchase a full-sized professional boxing ring, in which he currently trains at his home in Rawdon, Leeds, with a private professional boxing trainer.

He launched his first business at the age of 18 after leaving school with no A-levels. The firm was a chain of shops selling personal computers.

The businessman sold his Internet service provider, Firstnet Services, to larger rival Pipex last year for £6m.

Tyson has blown nearly all the £160m he earned in the ring, according to bankruptcy papers filed this February.

At the end of last year, the troubled former champ had just £3,000 in cash left. He filed for bankruptcy, claiming he owed £14.4m, including £9.1m in tax.

Tyson became well known for his lavish spending habits, as well as his ferocity in the ring.

The 38-year-old once bought two white Bengal tigers for a reported cost of about £40,000.