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"On how the recognition and acknowledgement of fear is the crucial lesson he taught and was ignored by other trainers: 'Fear is the greatest obstacle to learning in any area, but particularly in boxing. For example, boxing is something you learn through repetition. You do it over and over and suddenly youve got it. However, in the course of trying to learn, if you get hit and get hurt, this makes you cautious, and when youre cautious you cant repeat it, and when you cant repeat it, its going to delay the learning process When they come up to the gym and say...Read more"

~ Cus D'Amato

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Finkel Sues Watley

Posted on Friday, September 10, 2004 @ 20:11:23 UTC by viper
NEW YORK, NY (September 10, 2004) -- Shelly Finkel announced that he has filed a lawsuit today in United States District Court District of New Jersey against Thaddeus "Ted" Watley for defamation, breach of duty and contract, prima facie tort and money loaned. Finkel's complaint, which seeks compensatory damages against Watley in an amount "not less than $5,055,000, plus punitive damages in the amount not less than $5,000,000," is based upon various allegations Watley made to Boxingtalk.com about Finkel, relative to Finkel's business relationship with Mike Tyson. The website posted those interviews this week.

The Complaint specifically states that the lawsuit "...centers around the statements and acts of Watley which were intended to harm the interests and reputation of Finkel by inter alia, defaming Finkel, breaching duties of loyalties and good faith dealing that are owed to Finkel, and breaching his contract with Finkel."

The complaint further states that Watley either knew that the statements attributed to him in the aforementioned interviews of the Complaint ..."were false at the time he made them, or Watley made such statements with a reckless disregard as to the truth or falsity of such statements."

"I will not stand for anyone saying these types of things about how I conduct business," said Finkel. "Mr. Watley's accusations are wrong and individuals like Ted Watley need to be confronted and punished for their misdeeds."

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