Tyson Talk speaks to Freddie Roach


Published: October 27, 2004

We here at Tyson Talk have spoken with Mr. Roach to help get some direction on where Tyson is and when we can see him in action again. The following is a summation of the call.

Q: Is Mike Tyson back in training?

A: Tyson is not at this facility at this time. He is at another gym rehabing his knee.

Q: Will Tyson box again or does he have other plans in the near future?

A: There is alot of other things that Mike could be doing right now, but he wants to fight and is excited to get back in the ring. Mike is at the tail end of rehab and then he’ll be back in training.

You heard it here first. Tyson will be training soon to get back into the ring. Thats great news for us Tyson fans and we’d like to thank Mr. Roach for taking our call.