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"About training the twelve year old Mike at Tryon reform school: 'Everything I showed him-he would go back to his room and practice it over and over. At three in the morning one could hear movement and the snorting from Mikes room, learning, perfecting what Id taught him the day before. The third-shift staff had to put him to bed every night.' [Fire, 41]"

~ Bobby Stewart

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Fan Talk: Tyson-Jirov

Posted on Thursday, September 02, 2004 @ 00:09:17 UTC by viper
millernyc writes
I think the best fight for Mike, and a major boost to him, would be against Jirov. Jirov is a tough fighter, but is standup in style, and would likely not be able to withstand Mike Tyson's punishment.

Such a fighter as Jirov would be a much easier task than a rematch with Williams. Such a fight as Jirov would be a great accomplishment if tyson were to win, given Jirov's list of good fighters that he's beat/almost beat.

Nobody big. Tyson needs to get down to 220. Roach was worried about the weight for a while. In addition, Tyson overtrained, which was also a worry for Roach. Tyson needs a confidence building match. Williams would be too risky (anyways, he is almost 40 lb heavier than Mike, and closer to super-heavyweight). Williams is not a good match.

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