Let's go back in time


Published: September 28, 2004


Let’s go back in time for a minute. Cus d’Amato knew something about you that no one else did. He knew there were certain factors that made up your potential, like your aggression, speed, power and agility. He also knew you were NEVER going to be a technically sound BOXER, you were going to be a BRAWLER. So what did he do, that for some reason no other trainer has thought of, to date? He trained you to DEFEND against the jab. Mike, he trained you to defend against technically sound boxers. Think about it, the 5 boxers who have beaten you are sound jabbers, with longer reaches/height.

When you play back your late 80’s early 90’s fights, you see yourself in every single fight dodging from side-to-side, the entire fight whether the fighter threw a punch or not. In the last 13 years that style of defense has been non-existent with you. Mike you will always have that ferocious/explosive punching power, but you need to defend against your flaws. Lennox would have dropped like a sack of potatoes had he not been a sound jabber at 6’5 and have a longer reach. Your only 38, an out of shape flabby George Foreman won the championship at 45. From one athlete to another let me ask you this, after all you have went through, what do you want to be remembered as? A bully who was eventually beaten? or, A warrior who in the end, persevered?

I can’t ever look my children in the face and tell them to go accomplish something I didn’t have the balls to accomplish myself. Your true challenge and stature is here, before you.

Set aside your management, trainer, legal issues and outside shit. Millions of people who have supported you, your TRUE fans, your family members and most importantly your IMMORTALITY await you. Can you be champion again (?), should not be the question. The question should be can anyone stop you if you are 100% healthy and hungry? The answer, “HELL-*****ING-NO”.

Take the belts back!!