Shelly Finkel quotes from the Olympic Trials start new rumours


Published: February 20, 2004

Tyson’s advisor Shelly Finkel attended Thursday at the Olympic boxing trials in Tunica. Finkel and others involved in the professional fight game were on the lookout for “raw talent”.
In some chat and interview quotes new rumours were started about developments in Tyson’s world.

From The Commecrial Appeal :

It is a chilling assessment at a time when an old Mike Tyson is financially broke and emotionally fragile, suing Don King for millions but perhaps negotiating with him for a return to the ring.

“(Tyson) said he was back with me,” Finkel says. “Now I hear he’s talking to King. I don’t know day-to-day, even hour-to-hour.”

From The Clarion Ledger:

A Mike Tyson fight in Mississippi? Just maybe. Shelly Finkel, the former heavyweight champion’s advisor, said Thursday he has spoken with Southaven-based promoter Brian Young about bringing a Tyson fight to the Magnolia State.

“Under the right circumstances, that could happen,” said Finkel, who is attending the Olympic Trials. “It’s something I’ll take back to Mike. He should and needs to continue to fight.”

Young, who promoted Tyson’s last two fights at the Pyramid in Memphis, has said he’d like to set up Tyson’s next potential bout at Biloxi.

Tyson secretly in negotiation with the man who he has a multi-milltion dollar lawsuit againt pending, who recently signed Golota and offered close to $30 million to George Foreman?

Tyson’s next fight in Mississippi?

Only time will tell wheter these rumours are true.