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"I'm the best fighter in the world. No one can beat me....My objective is to inflict as much pain as possible, to win and win spectacularly...Ever since I was 12 years old, I was groomed to be the heavyweight champion of the world. I've been prepared to handle the pressure, the dealing with the press, everything"

~ Mike Tyson during the Tyson-Spink press conference

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Mike Tyson News: Tyson still biggest name in boxing

Posted on Monday, August 16, 2004 @ 00:03:02 UTC by viper
While he admits that Mike Tysons "value has greatly diminished" since losing to Danny Williams last month, the head of the New Jersey State Athletic Control Board, Larry Hazzard, still proclaims that Tyson is "the biggest name in boxing."

Hazzard, who was recently criticized by N.J. Governor James McGreevey and other state officials for wanting to give Tyson a license to fight in the Garden State, believes that Tyson continues to command the publics attention even though he suffered a fourth round TKO loss to the unheralded Williams. It was revealed after the bout that Tysons knee gave out early in the match

"I still think that Mike Tyson is the biggest name in boxing," Hazzard said earlier this week, "although based on his last fight his value has greatly diminished. But there lies the continued mystery of Mike Tyson. You have the knee injury. It just adds another level of mystique to Tyson."

Hazzard was alluding to the question of whether or not the knee injury caused the defeat, or if it will affect Tyson in the future.

Hazzard admitted, however, "that Tyson cannot survive too many more defeats at this point."

No matter what, Hazzard vowed that he is in Tysons corner and will continue to push for him in New Jersey.

"He is still entitled to earn a living," Hazzard declared. "This is simply a case of allowing an individual to earn a living as others can. Id hate to see where Id be if people hadnt giving me a second chance."

The governor and other state officials have cited Tysons rape conviction as the main reason for keeping the former heavyweight champ out of the ring in New Jersey. In response, the Black Leadership Coalition Political Action Committee, based in Newark, held a press conference on Thursday in support of Hazzard. In a press release issued earlier in the week, the group demanded to meet with McGreevey "to discuss his discriminatory treatment" of Hazzard in the Tyson matter. The group promised to keep the heat on the governor if he did not meet with them.

"If he chooses to ignore us, we will not go away quietly," Fredrica Bey, a founding member and spokesperson for the group, said in the press release.

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Hazzard indicated that he has received a great deal of support for his position on the Tyson case, and not just from the Black Leadership Coalition.

"It is a great feeling to know that people -- black and white -- recognize what this is all about," he said. "A number of people, especially in the black community, are appalled by a few of the politicians who object to Mike Tyson fighting here. Ive heard nothing but favorable comments from the general public."..What Comeback?

Legendary trainer Lou Duva is wondering what all the fuss is about when it comes to Mike Tyson. Acknowledging the importance of having a strong heavyweight champion for the sport of boxing, he would love to see "any" legitimate heavyweight emerge as a headliner.

"Tysons only advantage right now is that there are no heavyweights around," Duva said. "Hes still got a name."

But not much else, according to Duva.

"I hate to say that any fighter is done, but the question is, Where does he want to go from here?" Duva asked. "Does he look in the mirror and ask himself that question. It would be a shame for him to end his career like this. He is real close to the end. Hell become a joke soon. Who can he fight? Butterbean? This is the curse of athletes - not just boxers.The difference is that in other sports, athletes usually have something to fall back on when they retire. In boxing, for the most part, once you stop there is no place to go."

On the other hand, Tony Paige, of East Windsor, who worked the Tyson-Williams fight for international TV, feels that Tyson deserves another (perhaps last) look.

"I thought Tyson was done until his knee surgery (following the fight)," said Paige, who can also be heard on weekends on WFAN in New York. "You have to give him a pass until he fights Williams again or some sort of live body in the heavyweight division. His pressure style of fighting can wear down a younger man, but at 38, I dont know if he can sustain that level any more."..Ouali Stunned

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