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"The Spinks punch was pretty good. Mike hit him on the chin and put him in La-La Land. Although, that was expected because Spinks was a little nervous. But, Spinks grabbed his 13 million and got the hell out of there and retired. But, the Trevor Berbick punch... THAT was the best! He knocked Trevor down three times with one punch! That was a hell of a punch. That was the best one!"

~ Kevin Rooney about the best punch Mike threw

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Mike Tyson News: Tysons has a big punch and a big heart

Posted on Thursday, August 12, 2004 @ 12:57:02 UTC by viper
maddlibb writes
"Mike Tyson" and "generous" are not exactly synonymous, but the former heavyweight champ -- who is $30 million in debt -- has scrounged up $5,000 to have late Cuban boxer Kid Gavilan's body moved from the "cheap" cemetery plot where it rests to a posh section of the graveyard, says the New York Post.

Gavilan, credited with inventing the "bolo punch," died penniless two years ago and was buried without a headstone. Perhaps Tyson is afraid he awaits the same fate..

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