ExposeInjustices Questions Whether Mike Tyson Was Innocent of Rape


Published: September 2, 2004

SARASOTA, Fla., Sept. 2 /PRNewswire/ — ExposeInjustices.com revealed new
findings today about the Mike Tyson rape case of 1992. After being silenced
for thirteen years, a relative of the alleged victim, Desiree Washington, has
come forward with shocking new information about Ms. Washington’s case against
Mr. Tyson. The relative, Tonya Bustamante, a former “Miss Black Rhode
Island,” concurs with the findings of famed attorney Alan M. Dershowitz as
depicted in his book America on Trial – Inside the Legal Battles That
Transformed Our Nation. In his book, Mr. Dershowitz illustrates the
possibility that perhaps Mr. Tyson could have been innocent of the allegations
of rape made against him by Ms. Washington. Ms. Bustamante supports
Mr. Dershowitz’s theories.

Ms. Bustamante has created ExposeInjustices.com in hopes of uncovering
judicial misconduct. While serving as “Miss Black Rhode Island,”
Ms. Bustamante was approached by the press to tell her story, however she
feared that her crown would be taken away if she went public with her story.

Ms. Bustamante knows of other individuals around the country who have
valid information regarding this case for which Mr. Tyson served three years
of a six year sentence. The Tyson family has given their support to
ExposeInjustices.com for their efforts on Mr. Tyson’s behalf. Ms. Bustamante
urges others with information about the Tyson case or other cases in which
they themselves are involved to come forward and visit her website

ExposeInjustices.com is currently in pre-production on a film that exposes
wide spread abuse within our legal system whereas innocent men have been
wrongfully convicted of crimes.

ExposeInjustices.com is an independently-funded/non-profit organization
whose volunteers maintain a website, conduct investigations and expose
prosecutorial and judicial misconduct in hopes of improving the nation’s
justice system. Please visit www.exposeinjustices.com

Source: prnewswire