Published: September 2, 2004

I think the best fight for Mike, and a major boost to him, would be against Jirov. Jirov is a tough fighter, but is standup in style, and would likely not be able to withstand Mike Tyson’s punishment.

Such a fighter as Jirov would be a much easier task than a rematch with Williams. Such a fight as Jirov would be a great accomplishment if tyson were to win, given Jirov’s list of good fighters that he’s beat/almost beat.

Nobody big. Tyson needs to get down to 220. Roach was worried about the weight for a while. In addition, Tyson overtrained, which was also a worry for Roach. Tyson needs a confidence building match. Williams would be too risky (anyways, he is almost 40 lb heavier than Mike, and closer to super-heavyweight). Williams is not a good match.