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"It's my style. You make your own openings. You time things..everything was set-up. When he went down the first time I knew i was going to hit him. And that's how it's planned. I'm the master of the pin-point. My shots are so accurate and so precise...not to be egotistic...but when they land they are so precise...I can't help it who you are...you have to go down, because there is a law when Mike Tyson hits you."

~ Mike Tyson in the post-fight interview after knocking out Michael Johnson with a brutal shot to the head

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Mike Tyson News: Freddie Roach Interview On Mike Tyson

Posted on Friday, August 06, 2004 @ 19:37:44 UTC by tysonian
isaiah268 writes
In another BoxingScene Exclusive, Freddie Roach talks to BoxingScene's Brad Cooney about Tyson's future.

Freddie Roach gives Brad Cooney a first hand report on the health of former Heavyweight Champion, Mike Tyson. They talked about the fight, Mike's health, mindset, and intentions on future fights.

Brad Cooney, (BoxingScene.com) - Freddie, firstly how is Mike Tyson and how bad is the injury to his knee?

Freddie Roach- Well, it happened in the first round.. he tore his lateral Miniscus in 4 places.. he had surgery 3 days ago..and has started his rehab. The doctor told me it was amazing he went 3 more rounds with that injury. But no excuses.. Danny Williams fought a good fight.. Maybe we can get the knee back in shape, and do it again.

Brad Cooney, (BoxingScene.com) - So you guys are looking to rematch Danny Williams?

FR - Yeah, it is definitely a possibility.. but it is still up in the air now with the injury.. it could be as soon as 8 weeks to heal, but you never know with an injury like that.

Brad Cooney, (BoxingScene.com) - Freddie, you and Mike Tyson are going to remain a team, and go forward from here?

FR - Yes

Brad Cooney, (BoxingScene.com) - Freddie some said the injury happened before the fight, can you comment further on that.

FR - That is not true at all, there is no truth to those rumors whatsoever. No problems before the fight with his knee at all... His back was a little bit sore, but no problems.

Brad Cooney, (BoxingScene.com) - Freddie, how are Mike's spirits?

FR - He is a little depressed, he said he is sorry.. and apologized to me.. he didn't have to do that though.. he is a little embarassed with himself.. But he has started to rehab already..and I think he is anxious to get back at it.. because he showed some good things in that fight.

Brad Cooney, (BoxingScene.com) - Freddie, he almost took Williams out in the first round.. he came out very strong.

FR - Yeah, but I think that was part of the problem..when he hurt his knee, then he tried to finish the guy.. he blew his load too early.

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Brad Cooney, (BoxingScene.com) - When I saw him go down, his eyes looked clear Freddie..was the Knee injury the reason he didn't get up, or was it the shots he took from Williams?

FR - Well that was part of the problem, and he did get hit with some big shots too..he started to take some shots when he couldn't move out of the way. I wish Mike would have told me how bad the injury was then..I probably would have stopped the fight then and there. He just couldn't move anymore.. I said "Mike why didn't you tell me" Mike said, " I didn't want to be a pussy".

Brad Cooney, (BoxingScene.com) - Freddie, a lot of boxing people are saying that Mike Tyson is through.. done, finished.. what are your thoughts on that?

FR - Well, the thing is.. I told Mike if we do it again..we are going to have to have more intensity.. we need to pick it up..even though we had a srong camp.. he is going to have to do more.. I mean at 38, he is going to have to work harder than he has ever had to do in his whole life.. I think Mike is ready to do that.

Brad Cooney, (BoxingScene.com) - Freddie, many say that Mikes efforts in the first two rounds were good...But Williams was still there in front of him.. Are Mike Tysons punches just not what they used to be.. or do we have to credit Danny Williams more for a very good chin?

FR - I still think he has the power.. but I was not too happy with his weigh in..I think Mike weighed in a little too heavy for this fight...the thing is I think he is faster at 225..he put on a little too much muscle weight..he thought he needed to be stronger..But I think that slowed him down a little... one of Mikes best assests is his speed.. but he is not quite as quick as he was at 20.. but Mike can still punch.... but I think the weightlifting was a little bit too much.

Brad Cooney, (BoxingScene.com) - I noticed in the first round Mike was using his jab, he was banging the body.. but got away from it from late in the 2nd round on.. how much of that was the knee injury, and how much losing some discipline in there?

FR - He followed the gameplan good early..but when he hurt his knee, the plan went to hell because he hurt his knee, and wanted to knock the guy out.. it's hard to say though..I was not in there, and I couldn't imagine how bad the pain was.. but, we are not going to be cry babies about this..it was a freak accident, and you know Williams fought a good fight.. a smart fight.. maybe we can do it again...maybe it's something Mike has to do, to get this off of his back.

Brad Cooney, (BoxingScene.com) - Freddie, how is Mikes financial situation now.. did that fight get him out of the hole..or does Mike still have some more work to do on that?

FR - He still has aways to go.. Mikes deal with the IRS was..Mike got 2 million..and they get the rest.

Brad Cooney, (BoxingScene.com) - Freddie, some are saying Mikes chin is suspect.. what are your thoughts on that? and is there anything in training that can help that?

FR - Nothing you can do about that.. the thing is Williams is a big puncher.. 265lbs.. he can hit.. especially with Mike standing right in front of him.. Mike couldn't move like he wanted to..the guy was a good puncher.. Lennox was a good puncher.. if a heavyweight gets hit with a good punch, its over..I don't care who you are.

Brad Cooney, (BoxingScene.com) - Freddie...Williams is a big tall guy, with long arms.. does Mike just not match up well with those big guys?

FR - You know.. that is the future of the Heavyweight division.. If we can't deal with that.. we need to get out of this.. all the Heavyweights are giants now.

Brad Cooney, (BoxingScene.com) - How is James Toney doing?

FR - James is doing good..he's in training to fight on September 23rd against Booker who is 22- 0.. I have one of my kids fighting tonight, Artonian..and Benn Dunn fights on Showtime on the 18th of this month..

Brad Cooney, (BoxingScene.com) - Freddie, how is Benn Dunn's hand?

FR - Benn's hand is doing real good..hasn't been a problem.. he's been working with it every day.. no problems..

Brad Cooney, (BoxingScene.com) - Freddie, thanks man.. I appreciate the update..

FR - No problem.. thanks.

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