Published: February 19, 2004


Boxing fan GEORGE CLOONEY is helping former boxing champ MIKE TYSON fight his bankruptcy with a role in the new A-TEAM movie.

“Iron Mike” was one of Clooney’s heroes at the height of his boxing fame during the 1990s – and now the star is keen to act alongside the champion.

The Hollywood hunk has offered Tyson a multi-million deal to take the role of BA BARACUS – originally played by MR T in the hit TV series.

Although the money is a far cry from his boxing days, this acting role will certainly help the ex-world heavyweight out of his financial problems – as papers reported last week (begs19FEB04) he was down to his last $5,400 (GBP3,000) after blowing his $288 million (GBP160 million) fortune.

A source to Tyson says, “Mike is really blown away by the offer. He sees it as a way of making a fresh start of a whole new career. If it works out George will be he saviour. He can’t wait to give it a go.”

Clooney has just secured the rights to make the movie – and will himself achieve a lifetime ambition by playing A-Team leader HANNIBAL SMITH – made famous by GEORGE PEPPARD.

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