Tyson should not fight Holyfield next


Published: August 25, 2004

I read on this site that Tyson should fight Holyfield next. I think that would be the worst move Tyson could make. Mike should first lose the extra weight. When I saw he was over 230 pounds for the Williams fight I was alittle worried. He needs to be down around 220. Next he should train harder. I am not saying he is not training hard now, but come on this is not a 20 year old Tyson we are talking about. He still has the talent to be a champion he just needs to focus and get the job done.

People need to stop thinking Tyson should face Holyfield. He is a boxer not a freak show. People that think that do not really care to see Tyson become champion again. Little steps are the way to go to become champion and Holyfield is not a small step. If Tyson does take those small steps and he seems to have the confidence back and looks sharp than Holyfield could be an option.