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"I look forward to coming back again. I've lost more than I've won in life, so, believe me, I'm pretty much understanding of the situation and I can deal with it. I can deal with adversity."

~ Mike Tyson after the Buster Douglas Match

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Mike Tyson News: New Hope for Tyson Comeback

Posted on Wednesday, August 04, 2004 @ 21:31:38 UTC by Viper
maddlibb writes
By Keith Terceira

Now that Mike Tyson and his management team have figured out that short cuts in Boxing can be very disastrous, cooler and more educated heads have prevailed. As I wrote before, during, and after the fight, coming back from a long layoff and getting a PPV event was not a smart move by the Tyson Team. Now it looks that Bob Arum will step in and use what is being called the Foreman Plan? in order to Mike back into the heavyweight mix.

The so called Foreman Plan? is not the brainchild of Bob Arum, it is standard boxing practice. It is used for every single boxer in the world that comes off a long layoff (excluding Champions and even some of them) or an unexpected loss. You did not see Wladimir, Rahman, Guinn or even Toney come back after a loss or a long layoff and jump back into the mix in a tough fight.

Though Danny Williams was labeled as a soft mark before the fight in the U.S., British boxing fan-actics can tell you that Williams was anything but Soft?. My contacts tell me that greed may have played a part in the loss for Mike. Williams reportedly took the fight for a hundred and fifty thousand less than McBride was taking the fight for and in order to save a few bucks the switch was made. Honestly I dont feel that McBride would have stood up to the first round as well as Williams did and his record against the caliber of opponent that Tyson is proves that out.

Speaking of the first round , I have a sneaking suspicion that one of the reasons that Tyson came in the third heaviest of his career may be that the knee was bothering him before hand and due to the nature of his financial trouble and his payday, Mike may have chose to ignore the injury. That is what insiders are telling me anyway.

Can Mike Tyson be a champion again?

Yes, not only can Tyson be a champ again in this current division, Mike can also regain some of his popularity and get himself straightened out inside and outside the ring. Whether Mike has the intestinal fortitude to do what would be required for that to take place is the big question.

In twenty years Iron Mike has made the world believe he was the Baddest Man on the Planet?, the problem is once you hit 35 or so, father time begins to show you that in order to remain on the top you have to switch to being the Smartest Man?.

Letting Arum take hold and blue-print his return is a good beginning, but inside the ring Tyson needs to reinvent himself and change tactics as all the older swarmers did. Marciano saw the writing on the wall and retired. Tyson who financially doesnt have that luxury needs to break down his opponents in more than one round and going back to the peek-a-boo style that he began with may just remake his career.

A thirty eight year old Tyson still has more than enough power to take out the opponents in the division but rather than swarming his opponent he needs to be smarter and more repetitive in the ring as Foreman was in his return. Over the last twenty years Tyson has probably taken the least amount of punishment of any Champion ever.

Outside the ring Tyson needs to begin working on remaking his persona from the Baddest Man? to the Remorseful Man?. It would serve Mike well to get involved more in educating youngsters and people to the pitfalls of celebrity. Mike is in a unique position to first hand help a great many people and in return help boxing and him out of some financial distress.

We have been told that Tyson has changed but words alone can not reinvent and energize his return.

Know him by his deeds and not his words? a wise prophet once wrote.

In twenty years I have gone from the biggest Tyson supporter to one of the biggest Tyson skeptics, but should Mike learn from these last 15 years and come back with something other than the old hate and comments, I fell that he could be a roadblock in the championship careers of all the current crop of titleholders.

It will be interesting to see what the next year brings.


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