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"Mike Tyson dropped me. and when I looked up, the count was on five. I said to myself, Damn, whatever happened to one to four."

~ Buster Mathis Jr. after his bout with Mike Tyson

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Mike Tyson News: NEW! Interview w/Tyson's Trainer Freddie Roach

Posted on Monday, August 02, 2004 @ 21:05:18 UTC by tricks
Boxinginsider.com: How are you doing? Describe the state of Team Tyson right now?

Freddie Roach: "He's having surgery today - probably in there right now. He tore is miniscus pretty bad, he had two tears. And we're gonna sit down and have a talk after that, see what the future holds. Me, Shelly (Finkel) and Mike and the rest of the crew's gonna get together and see. We really don't know what direction we're gonna go in right now but, so we'll give it some time, let it settle down a little and then make a decision that's best for Mike."

Boxinginsider.com: How did the injury actually occur? Was it from a slip? Do you know what actually happened?

Freddie Roach: "You know what? He just slipped in there and he kind of landed on the side of his foot. And you see him when he stumbles. And the doctor told me it was amazing that he went three more rounds like that. And I asked Mike, Mike, why didn't you tell me how bad it was? And he said, I didn't want to be a pu***."

Boxinginsider.com: How was Mike after the fight in the dressing room? We never got to hear from him. Can you say?

Freddie Roach: "He was disappointed, you know, and he just said that he was sorry to me and I told him, Mike, you don't have to say you're sorry to me. He was down and very disappointed in himself. We had to take him to the hospital in a wheelchair because the pain was so bad by the time we got to the dressing room. He showed a lot of heart to me. Danny Williams also did. But maybe if he didn't hurt himself, who knows what could have happened. Maybe we'll get a rematch or something like that. I'm just thinking what can happen. Maybe he'll retire. I'm not sure yet." Boxinginsider.com: You've gotten to know Mike pretty well in the last year or so. He has become a really nice, friendly person by just about all acounts. What can you say about that?

Freddie Roach: "You know, he's just grown up a little bit. He hit rock bottom, he is broke. It was kind of good for him, I think. It woke him up and made him re-assess some of the mistakes he made, all the entourage and all that bullsh**. So he's basically made some changes in his life, he basically grew up, being a father for the first time in his life. Just, you know, Mike's always been a real nice guy to me, he respects my boxing career somewhat. He's not a bad guy...people give him...I just say we all have our moments...his are just more publicized than ours. For the most part, for the fight, he was a great student, he comes here to learn, and he was trying real hard. But maybe, possibly at 38, maybe it's too much too late. We'll make a decision and see how he feels after surgery."

Boxinginsider.com: Where is Mike right now?

Freddie Roach: "He's in Phoenix, Arizona right now."

By Scoop Malinowski Boxing Insider

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